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  1. Nxt update! New skill for rouge "knife shield with smoke." Aoe damage and able to dodge from enimies attack:-D:-D:-D:-D
  2. wish all players will get free book of oblivion gift.lol
  3. after you launch the new version. make sure every player will get free book of oblivion gift for the new skill.:-[
  4. Why i always got no item in bg tower normal.!!!! Everytime i went in tower i got nothing!!! Fix this bug.
  5. ducking gm!!!! i always got nothing in berengars tower normal!! four times!!
  6. in nxt update you should do improvement. make personal pet not minions:-D and make a mount for pkayers instead of walking.lol
  7. Yeah. He scammed my energy catylyst and gold. :'( please give back our items and gold
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