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  1. Thats part of the game, it doesnt concern them.
  2. Please help me out as soon as possible, because te thief cant just be let off
  3. dear gm, although u believe that nothing can be done, i certainly believe that u can deal with the matter instead of throwing scam victims aside and telling them to go away indirectly. As a normal player, i believe that the seriousness of the scam depends on the item scammed. The staff has been painstakingly amped by mcoin buyers to +10 who choose to support the game and the developers. However, it is not unfair to the rest when a scammer just walks away freely without being dealt with, and they take credit for their nefarious deeds. Is that how things are supposed to be done? I dont see a reason why many of us scam victims here are reporting scams and nothing is dealt with. I know im being a bit too naggy, but i just want to appeal to you to deal with the matter. In this game, gm has the greatest authority. So please, help me out
  4. I was suppose to exchange staff with elainey (nomercyx) but rawsers stood on elainey in game map and when i exchange staff, it was too late to realise i exchange with wrong person. Now he doesnt return back the staff and claims that he did not have it. Pls take a look gm. He also demands gold sum. Oh boy.
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