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  1. Roland u keep repeating urself!!game developers doesnt care about us and how many money we spend and how much we will spend from now on?they said sone cool ideas...u should pay some attention to our needs too
  2. How about that h make a real pvp place or something with the gankers?few places where we can do a pvp(except arena) and bankers jumping on us...do it like in world of Warcraft or wartune when u simply disappear after PvP chalenge accepted....make us conditions not only draining money!and a real tournament chance for everybody cuz EU server is owned by hassn and his money
  3. Why does ppl like to disturb hunts??
  4. do u realy think i need guild gold!!omg grow up kiddo and dont embarass more that u already did it!!!there is no hope for ur pathetic life
  5. shame on you jayrox to blame wolfsy or any other legends member!!u show us how desperate are u and how much u love to atract atention!!!ive transfered 1maybe 2 milion gold with him and many mcoin items and he never scammed me or any other player from legends...pictures that u post with that i can make in photoshop with hassn to make him scammer too!!!!keep ur mought shut cuz its better and if y cant just go somewhere ppl like u listen
  6. congrats to u all!!!u are a good guild :friends:
  7. I think too that he is not a scammer!!!real scammer should be banned not him...so try ur best and unban him because he is not a scammer!I'm up for remove his bann
  8. yomitza

    Server down?

    yes its down :))
  9. heeeeeeeelllllllllooooooo friends :)) :))
  10. im the one from my profile pic :)) no need to add other photos 8)
  11. yomitza


    pai sa incepem.. ce clasa ai si pe ce server joci??
  12. if paniic is back i must inform u that we all are inactive since november!!pm me in game for more info :diablo:
  13. wtf is here???social entertaiment page?if u want share photos change id in game...give me a break with those freaks.....i dnt hate anybody by the way he look but does he look in the mirror to see how pathetic he looks??wtf dudes get a real look
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