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  1. If nobody got quests how could u be at a disadvantage for not having them? Nobody else got them either if that's the case, not like they turning them in and u aren't. And if questing is your only significant way of gaining gp, you should consider yourself lucky you in tourny running in the first place.
  2. You all just hear what u want to hear and piss and moan if things don't go your way, stfu...
  3. They ALREADY SAID that the quest resetting has ALWAYS BEEN A GLITHCH. Stop crying and learn to read. Dailies will only come once a day, hence the name "dailies" and not "server refresh quests". The glitch is fixed, get over it. If u need gp spam tower/arena and stop being a noob.
  4. If you can't afford EXPERT skills then u shouldn't be able to use them, plain and simple. 40k isn't that much for a 1 time purchase. They aren't called "cheap other skills any noob can have to play with", they are "expert". There are plenty of aspects to the game, you don't need everything to be made convenient just because you don't want to work to obtain them. It defeats the purpose of rewarding the more dedicated players. Ppl who want to farm and sell(which is easy cuz so many, myself included, buy 90% of their dailies), and ppl who decide to spend some of THEIR OWN HARD EARNED MONEY for some mcoins SHOULD rightfully have easier access to better aspects. If you are a good amp/good player and get into a good guild where everyone will pull their weight, you can win tournaments w/o "paying to win" as so many blindly assume. Just pull your weight, put in the time, and get the gp. As for the PvP aspect, each side is always gonna gripe about the other's skills, its as common as breathing. There is balance, don't be a noob player, and fight tactically, that would eliminate 50% of the balance ♥♥♥♥♥ing right off the top. So many of you play like crap, and you don't even realize it cuz yer stubborn to boot. Charging in every single arena match despite your class, WRONG. Telling dmgers/healers not to use AoE in dungeons, WRONG. Expecting the game to be just as easy for low ampers as it is for +8/9/10 players, WRONG. Just a buncha crap that is no fault of dev. These guys have a great game and do the best they can, it should have a higher than 4.2 average on Google play, but of course you whiny bastards destroy that too. Devs do the best they can, but no matter what they can't make an update to make YOU play better or amp more. Great job team, keep it coming!!!!! P.S. I still would appreciate more hotkeys though, as I'm sure would many others.
  5. The timing for being able to use "payback" again should be reduced slightly. Should be able to get it off at least twice in a 5v5 match duration. Make 15ish second cool down.
  7. More ppl talk about the adding more hotkeys issue please....I don't see how anyone would NOT appreciate that. Nobody likes going thru their bags mid-combat, its silly.
  8. This has been a nuisance to many of us, for a long time, even before second new skills released. You see, ppl use many other consumables as well, apart from HP/mana pots. Minions, stat scrolls, stat pots, etc. You should make hotkeys go all the way across to the "menu" button, something like 8-10 skill slots and 3-5 consumable slots. Please fix this issue will be loved by all players unanimously!!!!
  9. Priest threat skill is awesome. If u still ♥♥♥♥♥ing about its pve effectiveness u a noob priest.
  10. So just to be clear, does 4/4 elusive threat still have the potential to activate on bosses, or just never at all(100% fail no matter skill lvl). And its still awesome for pvp either way, no more mc escaping me thru swamp portals :D.
  11. I have a feeling the 2 most popular ones will end up being the 2 biggest mcoin users, since that's who ppl like, the ones that pay for their tournament outfits. Watch Skynete/Physik/Oracles be one of the winners, wouldnt be surprised. Silly contest. Not that they don't deserve it, grats for them if they win. Just needs to be some kind of way for good players to shine w/o already being part of the popular clique, 1v1 arena with new good rewards, for example, or a new lab-type dungeon that offers costumes as rare drops like doom is rare from eye.
  12. The skills are awesome, all tank classes should actually be able to tank now, not ignore a taunt ability completely simply cuz u cant use it in arena. DPS should be able to pump out damage, as much as they can, and NEVER pull off tank now, no more DPS tank cuz actual tank classes dont know how to utilize their taunts to hold mob aggro. Priests can now use tears in dungeons, mages/locks can use AoE dmg skills, etc, and at no point should the mobs leave the tank and go atk dps'ers. Good update, tanks, learn to tank, cuz now you will be reamed for being noobish and not holding aggro in dungeons. USE THE GOD DAMN TAUNT, NO MORE DPS TANKS, THANK YOU!!!!!
  13. No, I am saying that ppl who dont want to spend anything need to not ruin it for everyone. If u spend $ you SHOULD be better, thats how it is with ANY game, not just this. Devs should not have to re-update everything because healers would have to amp to heal better. Free players can farm and make money, just cuz it takes more time doesn't mean u shouldn't have to do it. Amping should be necessary to advance, hance the reason its even possible. Free players still have plenty to do, but Devs should NOT have to re-update to accomodate ppl who refuse to help THEM out by spending just a bit of $, which goes a long way. They should help the ones who they make their profit from, its called business. If u wann just play and not mp or anything, or spend a dime towards showing devs they have good game, then u get what they give and have NO RIGHT to complain. Consider yourselves lucky they are changing this again for you whiny noobs. I think they were perfect with their update.
  14. This update was fine, you should NOT have had to update again just to accomodate the little whining noobs who dont want to amp their gear. You aren't making any money from them anyways, seeing as how they dont amp. I am a priest and i thought the update was perfect. Warlocks and Mages cry because a priest can actually do some dmg now, and not just AVOID players who try to gank. Forget the noobs devs, you have been/are doing a great job with this game and i hop you keep it up!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE TO AMP TO BE STRONG, Period.
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