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  1. Thanks for changes in necro. Overall I found very positive buffs and nerfs for necro. Totem now useful skill, mental pit and rain skill more powerful. Nightmare change is also important one. So thanks for update, feedbacks worked.
  2. Yes i agree. Part 2 of announcement same as part 1. There are many questions that left without answer. I have concerns this map might not be that great.
  3. You are talking as if we dont have any life outside of warspear. How can you claim leveling up in warspear is easy ? How a new player can afford both exp potions, items, expert skills, talents? Its almost impossible to level up 32. Lvl in this game if you dont anyone to help you or you already have one 32 lvl hero. All day you are spamming in world chat, i need this boss, help garden easy, lab help, help mini boss etc. Hoping to find someone. Many people quit after reaching 20lvl. Game is going to die eventually. New comers to this game 0. Whales like you probably stop spending money sooner or later too.
  4. What? How is this even logical. You make the same gold. Quests, tech ez hero giving the same amount of gold to you. In the end they can provide themselves a lot of items just making quests without any trade activity. So your saying doesnt make sense at all.
  5. Why you care drop value is decreasing. It benefits the all people when there are more items in game. Look russian servers. They have more player, more items. Resulting better economy. In russian server I saw mm gear +10 in dealer and its price 1m gold. Its impossible to find these in eu or us. You are literally paying 2x gold every item in the game compare to russian servers.
  6. I am talking about infection , acid shield, panic talents. They are so meaningless that i dont even swich between each other. Most of the time acid shield talent doesnt remove debuff. Panic talent skill i dont even know work properly, it is impossible to test in gvg and lastly infection talent also useless since its explositon takes time to activate slow debuff. I like the new branches and new talents for necro but these oldest 3 talents literally trash. I decided to compare with other classes and other classes have at least 1 good talent. So in near future, is it possible to rework at least one of them? I can safely say that all necros have the same opinion about these 3 talents. They just bad.
  7. I want to know any reached talent branches ? After 72k stellar blessing, how much others cost?
  8. Just like achievement rewards give knowledge points. 10medal - 1000 knowledge 50medal- 5000 100medal- 10000 150medal - 15000 Something like that numbers are changeable. So we can also invest achievements
  9. Exactly. Also Who knows i will be playing 1-2 years later. Probably new comers to warspear is pretty low so they completly ignored this of player base. I already told i havent even finished existing talents. How i am suppose to catch up ?
  10. Its pretty underwhelming 15th season update for me. I just cant find any motivation to hype new talents. I already haven’t completed older ones. So how i am suppose to catch other players. Is there are no person like me ? Everybody is already maxed current ones? Am i really in minority?
  11. What is the point of adding new talents when existing ones are already trash or powerfull. Why not just try to balance classess. Why we have to wait 6 months to get something fixed. I am so fed up by this system. You guys at this point dont care majority of player base. No one wants to spend enormous time to gain 0.3 penetration or crit.
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