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  1. Well, that I like more than a paladin DK and the EU goes on to create, but the US still does not.
  2. I'm not saying DK is good, but I like the paladin. Emerald he goes, Saphire yet.
  3. Zdravím, pro všechny krajany máme na Facebooku fan stránku — kdo by měl zájem, ať se přidá: https://m.facebook.com/WarSpearczechFunPage?ref=tn_tnmn
  4. I just want legion, I want paladin who is chosen by, and waiting so long and it may be even longer ...
  5. Ah, but I want to play for the paladin and it does not work, and other sites are not in English, not with it really do anything?
  6. Oh, why the English servers do not support creating characters with the elves and the humans? This is terrible, the balance would not be needed if removing inactive players, please do something with someone ...
  7. Sending message in game between players with items. Thats cool.
  8. What can you do, I'll wait then.
  9. But my heart beats for Choosen and Elfs.
  10. Hi, i cant make Choosen class, because too many people in the faction - why? ...in Saphire and Emerald...
  11. Govrid


    A plus still need to send money in the mail ... :)
  12. Govrid


    Hello developers Warspear, should I have one question: Could it be in the game to add the ability to send messages between the players - such as in-game mail with objects and different? I think that's a lot of people appreciated the quality of the game and it rose a little more ... A bank must have for every player, where he had some storage space for your valuables? Thank you
  13. Several times... :) And have new client. I have problem for several months. And when I look at the log, it says it can not find warspear.pak.1 ...
  14. Hello. I can not play when the screen appears, I just joined the game, so it's not - it freezes, any attempt not about connections. So we can not play ... I have a symbian nokia n97. Can you help me?
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