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    Exsodus got a reaction from nabnecro in Dear rogue,...   
    Pls,you have a skill called gouge that can be extreamly usefull in arena,for the godsake use it.I saw lots and lots people play rogue and always rush like a dump,then got hamstring and died.Dont say elf got good skill or rant but its actually you who dont know how to use your skill.
    Ohh and another thing,pls dont attack the tank first but the healer,the support class.You are a damager,I count on you to kill the healer and the support so pls kill them first.Thanks 
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    Exsodus got a reaction from BladeKil in Qual melhor skill entre essas duas pra BD   
    I found both counter attack and shield is very useful for bladedancer but honestly I will choose counter attack.
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