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  1. All clear and thanks for the reply..
  2. Haswrex


    Hello ADM, Instead of adding the Miracles points that we can buy, please add the Gold coins too.. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I want to ask about the sets..? What is the strongest for Druid..? Thanks.
  4. Haswrex


    Hello Sir/Madam, My suggestion are quite simple, 1. Please always make a new update feature in game. 2. Make 1 page in website for donations so we can donate some requirements in games like the list below; Donation lists Golds Potions & Scrolls Extra Bag Pages Full Sets Armour & Weapon Rings and Amulets This are the main requirement for a daily player and easy for us to help some people that need help in quests. Please think of my suggestions. RGDs.
  5. what about in druid class..? where can i farm golds..?
  6. i already check my connections and try to update from the applications but still with the connection error.. :bad: i hope i can open back the download page and download the new clients. :facepalm:
  7. why i still cant enter the main home page of the games and the download page..? i need to download for my mobile symbian and windows pc.. :(
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