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  1. Big update with nothing new, I couldn't even imagine, making worse update than this, when the game becomes boring u hope for update that bring some new content but instead, you just get another categories in crafting. (when actually, ppl have stronger items from previous events or tower) Why didin't u make craftable rings etc for up to 24 lvl and expand weapon and armor to 24 as well? I thought crafting items should be as strong or even stronger as items from events like xmas or halloween, but I see u just let us craft junk. Seriously, it take a lot of time and gold to max crafting and there isn't any single profit from this.



  2. 500 players see your videos? and the other

    players? just watch what you say ... stop it and

    I dnt insult you man I only say what I think..


    nobody cares about this ... and neither cares if

    you're back in the game ..stop spam..


    Are u kind of retarded? Saying that nobody cares isn't an oppinion it's just random flaming without any reason.

    Someone have really sad life here.
    @topic Good job jarox, it's really good that actually someone is making warspear videos. Keep it up!
  3.   Im confused about this "Ricochet" skill of rogue  :mellow: how can we use it now if no consumables anymore? And when i will use it, message appears like this, "INFO: Equip the weapon to use skill "Ricochet"..  :huh:


    Do we need to equip 2x Dagger Weapon just to use "Ricochet/Flurry of Steel" ? or it's just a Bug?


     I'll wait for answers  :snorlax: :unknw:


    Why you keep posting this? Just scroll up and read the answer which has been already given.

  4. Yes, of course...


    remember last update " caprure teritories " it took 5hours :! hope this time wont be 5hours :!


    lol; u prefer to just wait 1h more or to have multiple server stops while u will in the middle of arena or dungeon later? 


    If they would restart servers after 1h without testing everything u would cry in 100+ topics that u lost dungeon or arena or whatever.


    Wtf is wrong with u guys? Do something in real life or at least play other game for a while.

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