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  1. It would be great if we could name the Moon Beasts, like, using a scroll to change it's name. Even if it was expensive in the miracle store, would be worth it. (I really want to name it after my cat)
  2. there's already a skill that increase Moon's attack speed for some time
  3. Matching blade dancer's damage is unbalanced. While Dark Knights are a tank class and have lots of control, blade dancers are a damage class
  4. genius! that would be awesome
  5. it would be good if the countdown was reduced at least a little, then there would have no need for another aggression
  6. Templar is used as damage in pve
  7. Templar is one of the worst pve characters, if you build magic, you lose some skills, and if you build physical, you lose others. The only and one thing that make this class usable is the stun.
  8. Uma ótima idéia, mas provavelmente não vai pra frente. De uns anos pra cá, o DropRate só vem diminuindo, hoje em dia, pelo menos no lado elfo, o único jeito de conseguir gold é indo all, já que os bosses nunca estão livres e as DGs são perda de tempo.
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