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  1. BD = high damage (axes should never given to them) + high def and then developers gave them shield that absorbs tons of damage and right now devs gave them another damage buff? That's a real bullshit. Druids are having so many disable skills. Root, Forest Song, Tornado and now another disable? I thought druid is a supportive class but now, it's becoming a warlock with healing spells. The only useful expert skill of Necromancer is nerfed. Why?

  2. I wasted almost all of my golds I saved for this event so I could buy tons of Stamina Elixir and I was hoping I could get a drop, atleast 1 piece of any accessory with physical damage but AIGRIND's rotten engine just kept me hoping. It's just so unfair because other players can get 2x drop in a day. Oh, I forgot, this is Horror event, some players must be horrified by their engine's lame calculation of percentage of luck.

  3. I'm not sure if this was suggested before. I'm too lazy to search the forum.


    Most casters uses Rune of Evasion on their staff as there are no other option. Why don't you make a new rune, the "Skills Cooldown Rune"? It can only be enchanted on Staffs. It will give an enchant value based on the level of the weapon. For example, a level 18 staff will get 1.8% as a common enchant and 2.1% for great charm.


    And also, make a "Life Steal Rune" that can be enchanted to cloaks, amulets and shields. Once it's enchanted, it will give an enchant value based on level of equipment +0.5%. For example, a level 20 shield will get a 2.5% as a common enchant value and 2.8% as a great charm value.


    Thank you for noticing.

  4. There is a bug on chat in Symbian with matrix keyboard. For example, I wanted to post "hey" in world chat and in matrix keyboard, you have to press 44-33-999 to type the word "hey" but instead it gave me "ghdewxy". The erase button (X button below the right soft key on my Nokia E52 and C button in some models) also doesn't work properly. Instead of erasing a letter, it gives you a space. The asterisk button, instead of switching between the cases of the letter, it gives you space the same with hash key. Hope you will fix this as soon as possible.

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