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  1. or you could just add 2 more skill slot just like from ss :(
  2. or at least give us an option to choose from old or new UI
  3. it's so hard to adapt new UI, I always misclick on the left icon thinking it was for browsing 2nd row of skills but it's not. I also have a hard time when I'm doing arena because I need to react as fast as I can and click right skills to use but because of new UI I play like a newbie. Please devs reconsider this matter, Playing a certain game for 5 years and suddenly changing the interface is really hard to make adjustments
  4. Hello, i just checked your new small UI settings and its really awesome for android but i found it kinda hard to press those small hotkey icons too specially like me that have big thumbs xd. may i suggest instead of making em smaller, just add 2 hotkey slot from previous ( default one ) just like on my ss. This is just a simple suggestion, i can forgive you guys if you ignore it. Screenshot_2017-12-23-08-51-26.png
  5. Update. the scammer made new lvl3 named doremicum scammed someone again copied at this time from lvl26 mage magnacarta member dormicum. this what im tryin to say here,scammer wont stop until old trading way is back.
  6. i dont actualy profit here im just concerned for newbie players crying chat and when i inspect are lvl13 mostly cz scammed by a fake lvl13 +5 staff bcz switched by a lvl7 staff with same icon. well i think this wouldnt be solved at least i tried to tell this issue guys.ty
  7. suggestion is.. bring back the old trading way. that when u trade and other party is full bag it should be auto cancel like the old way so that scammers cant use this for scamming anymore.no more chance to change the item or the amount of gold. OR BETTER YET UPDATE ANOTHER ICONS THAT NOT SIMILAR FROM NOOB AND GOOD ONES. good example is ethereal dust from ethereal catalysts. im pretty sure many will prefer the old one than trading system today. update=banklimit made another lvl3 char named scorpnork copied from lvl18 bd scorponok. and now they blaming scorponok from scams.
  8. well ofc he will admit he's a scammer cz its his dummy low lvl account and he thinks that gm dont bother care about it. this suggestion is for newbies who hardly earn gold as they lvl up but suddenly taken cluelessy by fcking scammers. yes u may call them noob/idiots but who tf cares its their own fault not checking items on trade? (this is what i always hear from hi lvl players when someone was scammed crying on chat) well sorry but i do fcking care about them,ty.
  9. Hello all. I want to suggest to bring back the old trading sytem on which auto cancels a trade when you or other party is full bag as only scammers profit this kind of trading. They take advantage on newbies which are clueless and too excited when they saw an item selling for a very low price and dont pay attention while on trade. Example of a scammer whose very good from this trick is banklimit a lvl3 bd. im trying to trace his main but im sure he is too smart to hide. if u guys cant give info on player's ip to trace his main then at least bring back the old trading way. Thank you for reading my concern and im hoping for alternative action. More power and God bless.
  10. Hi GM, pls do what description states at poison skill. Poison effects when on normal hit only but not from (ANY ATTACK) merciless or elusive jump skill. Merciless and jump skill is a kind of attack so where's the fcukin poison effect after skill was done? Or maybe simply change the description of this skill if many rogue haters will think its OP,ty.
  11. the voting after the top 5 finalists has been announced will define their places means that whoever have the most number of likes among the top 5 will be the winner ?? so its still based on likes or warspear council will vote for the winner ?? pls reply gm cause all i know is your jury will do the judging and im here sitting and relaxing while others campaigning for likes
  12. dont try to pvp a pala with full of mc/forsaken around coz if this pala have lifesteal set,he will just suck ur hp including all innocent bystanders which gives pala a ton of hp recovery sooo duckin balanced even pala is dead,banner still continues to nuke
  13. Light saber swords skins like from starwars would be cool xD its like " see my swords glow " xD
  14. hi,im a player from philippines and i want to help a friend cause he was scammed by a pinoy player too.his name is wlan and he owns a snorlar suit.he selling it for real money and this scammer named helldown a lvl 13 bd scammed the suit and still continued scamming by buying acc at worldchat.my friend is on grief because of what happened.im here trying my best not to claim back wlan's suit but to know who other characters of helldown.he is a pinoy player too and he scammed a lot of people already.can you pls help us know who the culprit is,i mean who is his main or other character.for doing so you helped many players by revealing the thief or if its not possible can you just delete the snorlar suit from helldown so he cant use it for scamming again. Please reply gm's,would be highly apprecated if you able to help us. thanks in advance and more power.
  15. I suggest devs should make a scammers list too aside from ignored so we can determine who are thieves or who just annoys us.this would be helpful specially for me hunter of greedy scammers.i have a list on my own and have bunch of ss too. Btw i added bankito,spamaholic,ulquirooa and elviadione as latest low lvl ducking thieves ^^
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