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  1. I like the ignore system suggestion this to avoid players who use other characters (multi-accounts) so they can have easy wins . Also why matching system allow level 20 character enter a match with level 32 ? What kind of equality is that ???
  2. A question to developer's and administration Where is the logic Of buying stams like for example 5 peace of stams worth in gold like 30000 gold to go to spring dg trying to get a drop for gold , but it ends with no drops but a punch of commons craft items that doesn't even make you 1000 gold ? How does players suppose to continue going to the dg if the dg taking all the gold they have and not offering a good decent drop. I bought this spring in one day a 10 Peace of stams cost me 70k gold for 50 run in the dg that ended all with no drops that made me had to borrow gold from other players to simply just buy repair scroll for my self . Where are profits of events ? And why people execuse is bad luck ? Bad luck now a new programming Code System ? And making player lose his efforts of gaining gold and losing time from his life trying to have fun but it ends with depression? And don't tell me drop rate balanced and others get drops . Their is no balance or fair for a person gain million gold profit from 1 free run and another person gain 0 profit after he spends alot gold he worked hard for it and went doing alot of dg runs ... Please i need a good explanation for this
  3. Is their any end solution for this ? i mean it’s annoying to play your favorite class but u cant enjoy it because of the endless stunning of Sentinals also this beastmaster class need nerf for real u fight 2 players not one and when he about to die he just became a tree and boom full hp again !!!! and the seekers massive damage!! rangers over range of attacks ? BD resistance make him 1000% immune to any stun to kill you druids perama stun mages literally dont die ? templer vortex skill has no cd he just keep fly u over the map endlessly!! whats next ? Priest use shadow clone jutsu for multi heal ??? god make some fix this so annoying people selling their accounts in the legion side now to join elf side what do u want to gain from making players hate the legion side this much
  4. So i have been playing Warspear for more than 8 years now . and i just don’t understand why this last 3 years the game suddenly became one side only ? Why all Elf side class has this much power more than legion side . the beastmaster class - mages mechanics making them unkillable and so powerful also seeker massive dmg snd stun are over buffed . why GM doesn’t nerf this so over power class and instead he nerf Legion class making them paper, weak and vulnerable against the other class. I saw many legion side players either they delete the game from the depression of seeing their favorite class style are always and forever weak against the Elf class , or they stop playing legion side and go to elf class . the legion side has become abandoned now and many players their are low because of the toxic mechanism of that the ELFS are winners and powerful only in game. im just writing a public opinion everyone talking about inside the game . please make the game equal as it was before.
  5. Is telling them stop buffing elfs and giving them everything and crashing server during events and scamming money insault now ?
  6. Funny thing admins dont approve my topic after crashing server with unprofessional way
  7. So i was wandering , necromancer is good class for support but it lacks the damage style , class needs to have some buffed damage too like shaman class . its not easy to survive most of battles when necromancer is alone because he lacks damage please buff necromancer
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