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  1. I wouldn't mind if they put these hairstyles in the game.
  2. I created 2 hairstyles for spring pass Fantasy anime hairstyle
  3. very interesting, I downloaded the video and turned it into an infinite loop gif just to see how it would look in game And it turned out really good, congratulations
  4. This is the kind of suit I would buy even if it were three times as expensive. We have the excuse that the animations can be confused with the animations of skills, but other games have costumes that even change the animation of the characters' abilities and I don't see anyone complaining, cool costumes with animations, in addition to yielding more profit, also makes the game more vivid and beautiful, making a better advertisement of the game
  5. 100xp

    for aigrind

    First I apologize for using this contest to make a suggestion, I would like to share with you that it is possible to create costumes with animations within the game As you can see I created a costume within the limits of frames and pixels, with an animation of wings, it is also possible to create costumes with animations of flames, lights and tentacles, with only 4 frames and still respect the pet's breathing animation I apologize again for using this topic to just give a suggestion, Thank you very much for your attention
  6. Kkjkkkkkkk lá ele Achievement for whoever destroys 1000 dummies
  7. As you all know I already posted the costume "The Black Croak" to compete for the contest, out of all the 30 costumes I created, that one was the one I chose for this contest, not because it was the best but because it was the simplest, This topic is just to serve as an inspiration for all of you, no matter the theme, no matter the designer, you can create a costume from anything So don't hesitate to create your costume, good luck everyone Remembering once again, this costume is not running for the contest
  8. this shows how much cooler the game's costumes would be if the character had the center based on 3 pixels instead of 2
  9. Ficou bom kkkk tava mesmo precisando de mais trajes femininos nesse concurso
  10. 2023-02-18_1676746619998.mp4 The Legend of the Templar of the Black Cloak 01 The origin This story is from a long time ago, and nobody knows if what happened was really true!! A long time ago, some small villages suffered from legion attacks, but one village in particular caught attention, perhaps because of its mining area, a messenger arrived desperate and began to report the current situation, troops from the enemy kingdom were marching towards you 02 The despair The whole village was in despair. The call for reinforcements from the capital would take 1 day to be received, and it would take another 2 days for the reinforcement troops to arrive! With that the villagers were losing hope 03 The Salvation The leader of the village and his guards were trying to calm the people in front of his mansion, so that's when he appeared, a man with a black robe and armor that covered his right arm, all he carried was a staff and a grimoire. sacred, he simply stopped in front of the village leader and said "don't worry!! I'll hold off the enemies until reinforcements arrive" initially no one believed him, maybe it was because it was something totally impossible or because he came out of a tavern and apparently he was drunk, so he walked to the central region of the village and began to prescribe an enchantment, people simply ignored him, but for a short time, his staff began to glow and a golden barrier began to rise, covering the entire village, as it could just one person to raise such a huge magical barrier? That's what they thought, the enemy troops arrived and started attacking the barrier and nothing happened, not even a scratch and so they tried and tried and continued like this for a long 3 days during which time everyone in the village started to help the mysterious man with food, water, their concentration is unparalleled, on the third day reinforcements arrived and after a fierce battle the soldiers of the capital won, but after that the barrier began to give way and briefly disappeared and along with it, the mysterious man, leaving behind bring only your robes, your staff and your grimoire To this day, no one can explain what really happened, some say he sacrificed himself to create that barrier. Others say he was taken by the gods But it's just speculation I chose to create a suit that doesn't cover the character's face Here's an image that helps explain the features of the costume. 4 frame breathing animation breathing animation sprites.rar
  11. Воссоздан навык «Рывок» Танцора с клинками. video_2023_01_31_09_19_55..mp4
  12. Just recreated Blade dancer's "charge" skill video_2023_01_31_09_19_55..mp4
  13. этот костюм создан без превышения максимального лимита кадров и с анимацией всего 4 кадра
  14. here is the proof that you can create a suit with wings within the maximum size limit and with a 4 frame animation
  15. Costume of the first 10 to do the main missions of map 5
  16. Well, I had nothing to do and I simply decided to create a Boss and a boss-themed costume I'm looking for a job Freelancer if Ingrid wants to hire me I wouldn't mind creating some monsters
  17. Было бы здорово
  18. 100xp

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    Channel https://www.youtube.com/@User100xp 2023-01-18_1674079459695.mp4
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