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  1. To be honest i think your idea can be exploited very easily, other faction just uses alt account to kill and win the war, as for myself i think its better to replace flag with few boss npc like 3 or maybr 4, and put it outside of towns, split them into different area's so all ppl dont go into same area and it will make guild unity more valuable and less useful, which makes ppl to actually think about strategy. In the end there is lots of stuff in warspear that needs to be reworked like tour prizes, battle for irselnort, irselnort bosses, entire lab These content are unfortunately too old and dont give any prize that us actually thrilling and makes player enjoy competition, the reward is just too little for the hassles. While dev's are focused on adding new content instead of reworking old ones. I believe it will eventually kill the game, while adding new content increase the profit of their company i think reworking old content increases their game population but they are not keeping the balance
  2. What do you mean value of resistance is limited to 50%?, does that means chieftain skill gives only 50% resistance? Does it means if you use castle scroll and 4 part heavy mermen skill you will not get 70% resistance?
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