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  1. @Tsja, and what would be the violent parts you'll get? As of now I only changed my arena gloves for it. @Panchens,thanks I get it now. Really only asking in terms of PvE.
  2. Just curious if it'sworth getting violent storm set ewhen already using arena set. I'm asking in terms of PvE. Not much into PvP. So I don't care about resilience. What I do care about is the hp loss.
  3. Those kind of things are normal. When I started out I always see people shouting this and that as captive stealer. Until I get to a point where I do Swamp/Kota everyday. I'm 18 now and what's annoying is even my level 20 friends which are old players says they should get it first even when they saw me I have been waiting for people to finish lol.
  4. Epic fail. :facepalm: Are this kind of issue taken an action or not? Just curious.
  5. Thank you for the output guys. I just decided to change some into moon, hehe.
  6. I'm just really bothered. Can anybody explain it please? I'm a level 18 Shaman with 234 Astral and level 5 heal. I heal 239 per tick. Is that reasonable? When I changed some gear and was left with 202 Astral, I have 214 heal.
  7. Good story. Hehe. I made account to ask where the continuation is lol..
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