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  1. ignorant responses like this are so typical today, on every forum. you might as well add "u mad bruh, you seem mad" or the overused "cry more noob" if you dont have an intelligent thing to say on the topic... why even speak? just to see yourself type? people who respond like this usually lack any originality. (incapable of original thought). its immature, and does nothing but "show your arse" :drinks: cheers
  2. all that is needed is one more "arena tab". instead of "arena" make a "Guild Arena". The only problem i see is the overwhelming advantage of "money" players v.s "hard work" players. thats on anything thats got an in game currency transfer function. separating the two isnt difficult though. the game recognizes when you attempt to sell an item purchased with "miracle coins", apply the same mechanic to recognize someone who has spent "miracle coins" on their gear. have them fight each other. i am steadily moving up in gear and lvl, but its extremely frustrating when i run into "twink" groups, even in 2v2, and just get steam rolled by someone who can afford to just stand there and win. i dont have a guild, or a "pre made twink" group. i just use my 5 tickets and move on.
  3. Im amazed at the lvl of ignorance here. Who gives a shit if someone sends more money "in game" than others. How does spending real money to obtain "in game money" constitute as cool? Furthermore, what kind of idiot kisses peoples asses for fake money? From what im reading here, you both have a lot of growing up to do. This unwarranted feeling of self importance some of you posters convey is hilarious to me. Go outside and get some RL xp, and fresh air.
  4. Ive had little interaction with people in the "trading department". Im trustworthy though. A man is only as worthy as his word.
  5. sooooo, ive tried to solo these guys, no such luck. i need a party, and comunication isnt very good on beginning island for my paladin. im just beating myself up now :fool: . is anyone willing to help me out. i havent beaten a boss yet, though i was close on spider queen solo. :aggressive: name is Redsledge. I play usually after 6pm central U.S. time. message me in game if your willing to lend a hand to a beginner. you can drop me a line in this thread as well if you wish. This is my first character on this game. I am enjoying it, but im at the point where i need to group up. i dont get a lot of time to play. kids keep me busy. thanks in advance, cheers.
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