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  1. support help me please i forgot my id and password please help me get it back
  2. hey it say i need update but actually can't even find any new version anywhere and nothing talking about new version here
  3. then make it can't give catalyst, just give like ores
  4. i want the lvl 9 gears back to shop, its the most bought items in first island and noobs need it too and really upsets when saving the gold since lvl 1 to lvl 9 then find that the gears is dissapeared, it's confusing
  5. i got version 3.12 why it say " game realm is unavailable " ?? :/
  6. why the skill price very high ? and i heared that i have to pay 5000 each time to use any skill, thats true?
  7. don't know what you mean by shortcuts, and if bd and switched like druid he will have to buy druid gears, not just continue with bd gears
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