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  1. 术士现在可以说是相当尴尬的一个位置,在人数不多的战斗中很难将能力最大化,而且在游戏中,术士就是gvg的工具人罢了,平常谁会带术士,你单法师,人家解控,盾,位移,控制多均衡,术士就一石体,还有各种控制不住人的控制,现在elf阵营谁没个解控抵抗,我们术士PVP劣势,PVE更是贫弱,aoe的黑暗之雨多段伤害,且不说错位,你那点伤害打过去怪早没了,法师5.6个aoe,术士就一个,起码给我暗影球范围2码内敌人受到个百分之30伤害弥补一下吧,现在倒好,群控也给我削了,谁会往你虚弱区域上站在不动,单凭一面之词,一个服务器的形式就要削一个职业,虽然说可能没有人会在意我这一个帖子,都去玩魔术师酋长去了,谁会在意术士呢,真真正正热爱术士的玩家真是无奈。 下面给个链接,冠军术士VS冠军法师,https://b23.tv/iGlvDul 术士多无力一个视频给你们看看
  2. Betelgeuse

    warlock bug

    about warlock skill bug when i use pool of darkness,Enemies always Won't get any harm.Walk over as if nothing had happened.And sometimes.,Skills will hurt enemies outside the range.I hope to repair it soon.this dislocate bug need repair。
  3. see,Monsters didn't receive any harm.why?dislocate?
  4. 尊敬的开发者你好,我想对游戏提出一些关于术士技能问题。 在游戏中术士的aoe技能经常会发生错位,导致技能无法选中目标,例如黑暗之雨,下面是实际效果图,希望官方早日优化
  5. Hope to enhance the warlock's ability to fight the healer alone. Of the 80 people in my guild,I am the only one playing warlock.So the warlock's position in everyone's mind.one may well imagine.
  6. i think should strengthen warlock in PVE,In this age,No one wants to bring a warlockt to PVE,Because under the same conditions,Other professions are far better than warlocks,i think should add a new skill to warlock,this is my idea,warlock use black magic Erosion of enemy's wounds,To the enemy 30% of the lost health Cause harm,The maximum is not more than 5000,And poisoned the enemy.This is my idea for warlock.warlock is so small and weak in PVE .In pvp, elf Most occupations have shields,Or similar protection skills, and the warlock can only be turned into a stone to die in situ.I really hope these can use to warlock,warlock player so less,Because the warlock is too weak.Thanks to read my idea.
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