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  1. This is quite a fact, most players follow a specific build just that many cannot really exactly follow the build with sufficient gears since those gears are usually overpriced and is quite hard to get. This is just because the character gets the best output with those particular builds with specific gear builds. To be specific with seeker, seekers just get the best damage on single targets(like bosses) with two dagger speed build with bunch of attack strength parameters. However to be like this, quite a lot of expert skills are being wasted. I actually have thought of using 2h-sword(which has higher dmg, lower speed) putting skill points not at exerbation but to dmg skills like bloodthirst and etc with skill cooldown build. But in second thought this idea just doesn't really worth to try since seeker's expert dmg skills except bloodthirst do not get high dmg even if skill points are added... To me I felt a bit boring of a seeker since it only uses auto attacks mostly. It almost does not spam any dmg skills since it even slows down auto attacks. This is quite 'monotonous' yeah, I really agree. However this is almost the best way for a seeker to be XD So I decided to go back to ranger..
  2. In that case, can you recommend me some 2h-sword build without focusing on attack speed? Seeker's skill Exacerbation just makes them to focus on auto-attack and attack speed. I think what you are talking about is using 2h-sword and get high physical strength and focus on crit+pene+accu instead of attack speed and try to give mass damage at once. This seems good also and cost efficient. In this case, probably the best armor set will be Nadir set(imperious clan). (Of course fatal will be the best for higher pene and accu :D)
  3. thank you for a nice recommendations! I'm quite new to Nadir sets, as i'm very excited to search around for it! Thank you and have a nice day, you have opened up a new way to me :D
  4. Hi, I'm new to ws forum 😅 I am trying to build a seeker and am looking for a decent recommendations on its helmet/gloves/shoes/brigandine parts. As far as I've acknowledged about seeker is that he needs a lot of mana regen, as well as attack speed+crit+pene+accuracy. I actually thought of getting lvl28 full assassin's ship graveyard set for its higher speed, and get mana regen not from boots but from cape or amulet. But it seems too hard to get lvl28 full ship set, so is there any other good recommendations on armor gears? I'm currently focusing on pve gears 😉 Thanks🌻
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