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  1. Dont know about the other things but I like the idea of being able to craft minions.
  2. Thank you and Congratulations to everyone. This was my first time participating in a contest I'm glad for being part of it, Especially grateful for being able to contribute to the shaman class.
  3. yes it is working now thanks
  4. Not working for me also now am unable to log with even incognito mode on the same browser (brave). Logged in now with another browser (mozilla)
  5. Same here am having this exact login issue from last 3 days, But if i try from incognito it does lets me login.
  6. Not necessarily, Critical chance is 50% max, I'm sure you know that aswell. I believe in order to deal some good damage with attack speed build one has to focus more on piercing and attack strength parameters because those two plays major role when it comes to dealing damage through auto attack.
  7. I'll frequently update this guide with future updates. Because of lack of time I couldn't add few more sections at the same time I dont want to rush with these topics therefore Ill add them later. Books: Which books are ideal for a shaman Stats: Important stats to focus on as a shaman Arena: Arena Equips, Rewards, How to make Imps for the Longterm, New Arena Equips Update and What to look for, etc. I noticed there was not a single shaman guide in international forum. So I made this guide but this guide will stay Incomplete without you fellow shaman players. So, Come over here and lets have a healthy discussion regarding the class also If you notice any grammatical errors, Incorrect info or have any other suggestions, You are very welcome.
  8. Table of Contents Introduction Description Skills Skillbuilds Combos Relics Talents Equipments Misc FAQs Acknowledgments Changes Log INTRODUCTION DESCRIPTION SKILLS SKILLBUILDS COMBOs RELICS TALENTS EQUIPMENTS MISC F.A.Q.s ACKNOWLEDGMENTS CHANGES LOG
  9. Since we are talking about shortcuts, Right click on mouse does self cast on your character. thanks to @coldravens got to know about this because of him
  10. Is there any thread which gives detailed character experience Info. For example, How much experience points is required to level up to level 2,3,4,5,6...32.) I was searching through the forum but couldnt able to find it. If anyone could share the link to the thread post (even in a russian or portugese) It would be so helpful to me. Thanks
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