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  1. Resi and crit are nice, i guess you are using hp runes on rings and penetration crystal on gloves? Switch rings to dodge rune and add accuracy crystal on gloves, will be better
  2. dacCho

    for admins :\

    standard support ticket, all they required was in it, Click here to send ticket to support
  3. 100-200k is also good, it can be killed with 5 party members inside 30 minutes, but everything above that would be crazy i guess
  4. dacCho

    for admins :\

    i was sending once before too, waited for like 2-3 days, this time i was even more specific - i read in the topic what to write, so i wrote everything that they said i need
  5. dacCho

    for admins :\

    It's been like 2 weeks since i sent my email to support, and still no answer :\ can you please read it, its from same email like this account on forum
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