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    Gabriel The Cursed
    This story starts in one of the great elven kingdoms of arinar. The Eternal forest that surrounds this mighty kingdom was growing restless. The Queen weary of the imminent danger decided too send a legendary ranger mercenary by the name of Gabriel too investigate.
    This mighty ranger unrivalled in both skill in power set out on his journey too the Eternal forest on the edges of the kingdom the forest now dark and corrupted he had too face many devastating monsters as he made his was too the heart of the forest.
    Upon reaching the heart of the forest he encountered a warlock without hesitation these too engaged in a fierce battle that lasted several days. Exhausted by the fight the ranger collapsed and the forest grew silent.
    The ranger now cursed by an ancient hex he can no longer retain his elven form and is forced too collect the souls of all who are unfortunate enough to wander into the forest 
    HP: 750000
    MP: 462
    Defence: 4000
    Magic Defence: 2500
    Magic Attack: 400
    Skill 1:  Inferno Blast  : Shoots a strong magic bolt with increased penetration has a 10 sec cool down its damage remains the same regardless of the tanks defense
    Skill 2:  Miasma : Releases a poison gas around the target. 1 yard range around him that inflicts 150 magic damage/sec aslong as long as you remain within its range skill lasts 3-5 seconds skill has a 100 sec cooldown so is only activated 4-5 times during battle
    Boss behavior is too attack the tank full out at ranged magic miasma activates when heroes are in range it deals large amount of damage the skill works like a dk's death call but does more like 150 damage/sec forcing physical attackers too leave its range until the skill dissipates 

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    awesome idead bro good luck too you
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    Chaos - Lord of darkness
    Chaos a dark entity who lived in a cave somewhere in the valley of death, was born from the 7 deadly sins ; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust envy and gluttony
    He created havoc across the lands of Arinar.
    With the commencing of his mayhem the people of Arinar flee in fear of the bloodshed that was bestowed upon them.
    Screams of terror echoed across the lands as people lost their lives.
    When the 4 factions decided to work together out of desperation and fear of the devastation caused by Chaos they formed an alliance to defeat this fierce dark entity.
    Each faction send out 3 of their mighty heroes to face this evil entity.
    When the battle emerged all the heroes fought hard but Chaos was too strong so the heroes decided to sacrifice themself’s in order to put the dark entity into a deep slumber.
    Present day….long since forgotten, all the heroes faded away in time and peace was irrecoverable.
    When a battle broke out for territory’s, and the players started committing the 7 deadly sins it lead to the awakening of Chaos and now he’s waiting in the valley of death for the appearance of the new heroes of Arinar
    Will u be next?......    
    Boss behavior and skills
    Normal attack (magical)
    Boss attacks the tanking player dealing magical damage
    Inferno (Magical Damage) 
    When players are close to boss he uses skill Inferno that sends the ground ablaze (5x5) for 8 seconds dealing an X amount of  magical damage to the players
    Dark Gahena (Magical Damage)
    When a player tanks the boss uses skill Dark Gahena a ball of dark energy that deals a massive blow of magical damage to the player
    When player attacks the boss he uses skill Despair causing the players to lose the will to fight lowering there attack by an X amount for 10 seconds    
    Boss stats
    Health Points:1,000,000
    Magic Defense:3000 

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