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  1. i tried as well and the boss critted me 4.5k dmg on my tank when shaman ran he got bleed of 1.4k the sham was using resil so it probably a bit less then that
  2. i think the ferocity sucks i played test server and im already losing 131 attack against dummy in town the extra 26 magic on my shaman is nice thou
  3. maybe because of huge war that's coming up us sapphire start in 2 hours lol all afk players who where logged in wont get buff
  4. i cant login ether on pc or android says connecting for a bit then i get the msg "could not connect to server"
  5. Here is my boss it not on fb yet. it looks completed if I'm still missing anything please let me know http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/45752-gabriel-the-cursed/?p=835216
  6. read the story the RANGER was hexed MEANING he changed into a MONSTER
  7. the story says boss turned into a monster he uses magic not weapon and devs dont want us putting bosses in warspear
  8. does this mean we can't use parts too create our own bosses? if so why is this entry accepted?
  9. you have way too much time on ur hands bro
  10. nice new art lol seems you've got a ton of ideas
  11. wish mc side could win. battle is at 5 am here so im not logged in anyways but still
  12. lol ty but think maybe i shouldn't have made his head such a dark black and maybe grey instead or a matte black
  13. uploaded new image with some new colours
  14. lol guess translators doesn't always work
  15. Because he was attacking the boss then as the bd used rush to run away, the boss attacked him in the back. also too show boss hp and stuff from players view
  16. ignore them they just jelly it up too devs not players
  17. see you changed your story nice keep it up
  18. ignore tibian he's just jelly and nice new art
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