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  1. Remove rogue in mc side, people can start play another classes and it would be good balance
  2. Ryan has a point, I quited the game because of some reasons, I have played rogue for about 7 years. I had a full reward rogue and several books, I fought vava as well and I did nothing to him. Maybe you can think I play bad. But most of comments I had from others that I was playing good. Rogues have no chance in arena with detection + purification pots, everyone is aware of that. They won't be great even if those pots remove from arena. In gvg, in that mass aoe fights. Rogues are being under stun until they die. The best thing they can do is killing out of the circle ones. As ryan said rogues can not have everything at once and in decent. There are flurry, tt, dodge, exterminition skills. Once you max 3 of those, other 1 will be out of context. remember these 2 stuns cant stun in %100 chance, their chance increase only if increase level of the skill. Even before I was quit, I was making another class because rogues were useless, we were decreasing the number of the rogues inside guild starting with ourselves. Imo rogue would have a resist skill, and a decent aoe attack for gvgs. Btw in pve, the comparitation of dps classes are seeker-chief>hunter>ranger>rogue. Rogue in pve is not a dps class, morely survival class. A critic dmg increaser or dmg increaser would balance it.
  3. You are wrong, best is spring dagger %5 atk strenght+spring dagger x2 pene %2.5 atk strenght dagger. catharsis hasn't atk strenght.
  4. Will there be something about changing guild leader automaticly? @Holmes @Peony @Nolan
  5. I think raid bosses needs to change, I mean they are not even raid bosses anymore because they are too easy, 3-5ppl can do it, only sea ones not easy. Maybe new graphics and harder bosses and different bosses for different types of books can be added instead of engineer and elm, and random boss respawns everyday? + Kronos boss should change, new lab needs to be active, for questors first parts must be easy ofc but it must be harder everytime when you deeper and different type of raid bosses must be there and a harder dungeon with different type of items. New lab map needs to be extended, and needs to be hard to explore alone. Maybe it would make game a bit funnier, to see new things instead of same updates on every year
  6. Watch Torxxx videos and tell me BD doesn't need nerf(BD attacks 1000+ easily even to strongest players ), Druid has area roots and area heal as well... Look at the Ancrestrais, I just see mages go make your strategy, being new classes and fight, everytime you lose, everytime you guys are here, Torxxx sharing videos which they destroy KINGDOM guild, so it was fair to let elfs win because you went to elf, it is unfair that you lose to MC becase you are elfs now, just predicting but it might be because your people plays bad then.
  7. Ohhh right, you want me to talk about balances! Balances that are going to let you win always, otherwise will be called unbalanced! 1-How many templars does even Ancestrais using? if you know well they got aoe stuns+ area silence skills 2- How many druids does the Great Ancestrais have if have extra slot left from MAGES? as u remember they have fully heal+stun skills 3- How many Paladins ancestrais have? Area attack/ High protection/ High healer/Area stunner class If you keep use mostly mages and ignore other classes, the reason for you to lose is obvious. KINGDOM guild is improving theirselves not only individuals but also strategies. Their circle is becoming a Bermuda Triangle and your strategy seems like entering the hell Look at the videos, how Ancestrais spread around while KINGDOM stands together. Well, with the templars' help you can spread them around maybe? Before coming here for solutions, try to search the issue in yourself
  8. I remember vinagre was hunter and in Valhalla, gave up to play in elf, will we see another give up soon then? As you know, with the right classes you can fight against any class, KINGDOM doesn't use rogues since they are lack of aoe attacks, they use correct classes no matter how they strong or weak but as I know RoT and others use wrong classes, I believe that's the reason.
  9. huh look at that aggressive attitude! If almost all servers are dominated by elfs, it is so normal to talk about that. Therefore, the game is not 1v1 and rogues are lack of aoe or active relics on area fights, or even disable to use skills mostly while rangers are shooting form 4-6 yards before.
  10. Well the level upping stuff and dungeon stuff is easy. What am i talking about is for spring raid bosses because im sure seekers will destroy bosses and elfs will get all drops as always xD
  11. ı actually liked this suggestion. Must be considered before update
  12. Is this a JOKE? ranger is worst class in PvP? Why don't you come EU-Emerald server and look some of them. A rogue dodges more than ranger does. It is ranged class, its the advantage. 5-6 stun skill and blind 5/5 is like 6 seconds and there is no stun so distortion not works. hmm ye still bad? LOL
  13. nice joke. Since almost in every servers elfs are dominating? OK xD +1
  14. Rogues are already able to reach max stats with 32 level items. The problem is about CRIT DMG. please add crit dmg or dmg boost to rogues.
  15. Ranger is already buffed a lot that can not be buffed more. Rangers have increase damage, dodge, area skill, 5-6 stun skill, ranged!! character. I ask what else you want but nerf. But dear developers I wonder that why Bladedancer don't get nerf about dealing high damage because with the buffs of other classes and rare books, they can attack 2000+ auto with %70 speed, guild %15 books %17(%10+%7), skill %15, + mage or priest buffs they have high speed like the speed classes "hunter", "ranger" , "rogue" , " seeker". they are already heavy and resist class. With %40 auto attack parameter they are called "broken" and immortal with the help of paladins because you can not stun them, and they rush to you and few hits on you(You can not expect for everyone to have distortion book. There must be other solutions as well to be able to fight with that class.) It's ashame when any class attacks them 800-900 while they do 1.4k damage(Talking about full +10). Also the relic which gives %30 speed if its blocked,dodged,parried is too annoying because normally only some classes can make high speed and its their advantage, but with that relic others can equal the situation. About chieftains they need some stun skills or i suggest to that meteor skill now become available to stun enemies if they have stun parameter. They can be too tanky thats right but they can not deal damage without some stun skill since they can not reach to the enemy About rangers %25 accu is too much because in term of PvP they r able to reach 50 accuarcy easily and rogues' dodge style no more works on them. About rogues, like seeker has crit dmg skill, i suggest rogues for crit dmg skill aswell or some dmg boost. Stealth for increase damage is for only 1 time but ranger has %20 dmg boost, seeker has shield which gives some percent of damage(dont remember the amount), hunter has damage boost aswell and even bladedancer's %40 auto can be count as dmg boost. I suggest exterminition gives some percent of damage. Also it might sound crazy but some relics are not trigger because you can not use in the battle like relic of captivity(Can be used on only in stealth skill). I suggest a big change that we can use stealth,combat stance any situation we are in. Of course if we got bleed before it will just work for trigger relics. The reason I want this is because while some classes can not trigger some relics well, other classes can do it easily. Relics have big importance in term of pvp so. I hope it will interest you. Have fun.
  16. Maybe It is time to balance the game? It is not a coincidence for legion side is being weak side in almost all servers. From PvP to PvE the best classes are placing in sentinel side. The most unbalanced thing starts with the begin, elf side gets %4 damage from the start while mountain clans side gets %4 HP(oh gosh, I won't die now!). I won't mention seeker's burst damage in PvE and rangers in PvP. When we can not compete in anything, the fun disappears.
  17. Even shaman's totem of weakness can make opponent's accuarcy belov 0, and there are tactics for how you have to play against rogues, since they aren't RANGED characters.
  18. For a member of Delicious guild, I and my whole guild mates efforted their nights, personal profits, real moneys with a great aspire of love. At last week of horror, as everyone knows we could have 20m+ guild points if there weren't be some kind of problems. As a guild we all love each other and having funny times, I feel like im in my home. But sadly there are truths, if you go higher and higher some people will want to stop you. Since in Eu-Emerald sentinel side dominates the server, we were just like a hope, a hope of geting our rights back. A level 12 guild gone from 100/100 to 1/100 before a week, and this week it striked to us. Imagine an earthquake happens and your home destroys, then you have to live outside or spread out to other places, that's what we are living right now. Virtual or Reality, it doesn't matter since we love what we do. I'm only one but feeling the 90 member of my guild mates and talking from here to admins, we need our home back... We need your help to make it ReBorn again.
  19. Sorry but who said " My language" answer please. Are you the guy who humiliate new players when entering to highschool? You exactly understood what I meant, and if you didn't I wont waste more energy for it. You know what? Let's just "Zip it".
  20. No, I am not racist. What I meant is we can not communicate because of we don't use same languages or any common language that we share, so team work doesn't works.
  21. 1-I apologize if I was rude. Thats my humor, what can I say? I am new at forum, let's try to accept each other in minimum joint. 3- What can be taken as a solution to prevent this problem? Some people might not see as a problem but it destroys the fun in game. It's experimently true.
  22. Firstly, I mean you can put 2 solo afk char on demand at opponent side that you play in. So it works mostly and you are fighting against 1 or 2 different player, which is easier. Secondly, A team player might help his friend I dont mind, but remember it kills the fun in game and you can't deny it. Also you can tell that crucible is team work game but every time you match with different players which destroys the team work, as you said it's not 2v2 or seals.There are some players that demanding whole day long with apps. My purpose is to make them ban. Also team work isn't working always if your server includes different nations such as Brasilians, Chineses or else.
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