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  1. Necromancer — Hello everyone! Today we're going to talk to you about a character that is the most hidden power in the game and is not very popular. Important warning! If you have never played this class, this guide can inspire you a new necromancer. If you don't know anything about the class, you can check out its story in detail here. “This guide will be mostly for a necro who has reached the top level.” Before Beginning At first impression, the Necromancer managed to balance it thoroughly with the last update with 5/3 attack, 5/2.5 defense and 5/4 support points. Of course, that doesn't mean we can be as comfortable as a tank! Pros. With High Skill Cooldown easy to use fast skill. Eveyone needs your support at Dungeon, Arena and Wars. For starter, best class and easy to learn. Cons. Enemy players are always focus you firstly. Because of low defense, you can die easily. At the beginning you can not farm some bosses alone. Nobody will invite you raid parties. Passive Basic Skills First of all, we will examine and analyze the features that the Forsaken faction has given us. Devotion - After the new update, it now gives us 2% max health and 4% magic attack. Don't be intimidated by the small numbers! In an advanced Necromancer, you will see the difference. Staves - The Necromancer class uses only staves. We will decide the types of staves in detail in the future for different builds. Cloth Armor - Cloth armors, unfortunately, will make us very tired due to its very weak defense. However, we will see its benefits thanks to the magic attack and skill cooldown that it gives special from other armors. Active Basic Skills Poison Spittle An attack that deals increased magical damage to the enemy. If the opponent is under the effect of the "Death stare" skill, the negative "Poisoning" effect is also applied to them for a while. The effect deals periodic magic damage. Skill Upgrade Changes Usage Relics for PvE & PvP Offensive Defensive Empowering Group Pro Tips PvE 3/5 - PvP 1/5 - GvG 1/5 On PvE, Necromancer has limited attack skills, so you must use this skill wisely. Before use this skill cast “Deathly Eye” for Poisoning effect. On PvP, avoid to use DoT relics otherwise can ruin your combos. And try to activate your block relics. Deathly Eye Deals the "Death stare" debuff to the enemy for some time. The effect reduces the maximum amount of health and physical and magical protection. Skill Upgrade Changes Usage Relics for PvE & PvP Offensive Defensive Empowering Group Pro Tips PvE 5/5 - PvP 1/5 - GvG 1/5 On PvE, Especially for boss and elite like Mermen, very useful skill for support your team. Always use it before Poison Splitte for activate poison. On PvP, use this skill to resisted enemy players for activate relics and brake their stacks. Nightmares Applies the "Sleep" debuff to the opponent for some time. The effect prevents from moving, attacking, and using skills. Any damage to the target will remove the effect. Skill Upgrade Changes Usage Relics for PvE & PvP Offensive Defensive Empowering Group Pro Tips PvE 1/5 - PvP 5/5 - GvG 1/5 On PvE, when you are under attack by mob, useful evade from them. Also most Elite and Boss, resist against this skill. So good way to activate your relics. On PvP, the most important skill on arena and small group fights. 5/5 upgrade, gives you 7.5sec and that time increase with relics. Be careful when you use, be sure enemy doesn’t have DoT. I’m not recommending this skill at GvG. Bone Shield This shield provides a strong cover around the character, or an ally, and consumes certain damage. The consumed damage affected by the shield increases with skill level. Skill Upgrade Changes Usage Relics for PvE & PvP Offensive Defensive Empowering Group Pro Tips PvE 1/5 - PvP 3/5 - GvG 5/5 On PvE, with key talent, bone shield makes you invincible 1 times every uses skill. That’s mean even 1/5 can protect you or your ally from fatal damages like Myth Sea Boss or Myth Nadir Boss. On PvP, same talent can save you from fatal damages. 3/5 skill level is ideal for PvP. Ancient Seal Restore the health of a character or an ally depending on the magical power of the character. Skill Upgrade Changes Usage Relics for PvE & PvP Offensive Defensive Empowering Group Pro Tips PvE 5/5 - PvP 5/5 - GvG 5/5 On PvE and PvP, the only skill that will keep you alive. If you have low CD at beginning use it wisely at battlefield. Active Expert Skills Fateful Connection Deals the "Fatal connection" debuff all opponents in the specified area for a while. The effect deals part of the damage received by any of the hit targets. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 1/4 GvG 4/4 On PvE, It allows you to deal massive damage with infection combo, especially in group monsters like castle dungeons. Also for GvG, upgrade it to maximum to level for deal heavy damage to the enemy. Poisonous Shield Deals the "Poisonous shield" buff to a character or group member for a limited amount of time. The effect deals magical damage to all enemies within a certain radius. If the target is under the influence of the "Dark forces" skill, then they will also restore some of their health. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 4/4 PvP - 4/4 GvG 4/4 Most of the time it needs to be applied to the person to be targeted.With the new update, the applied person must take damage for it to work correctly. On GvG, since the target will be yourself most of the time, you need to be constantly under the effect of this skill. Infection Applies the Infection debuff to the opponent for some time. The effect increases all incoming damage to the target. When the effect expires, it deals magical damage to all targets in a certain radius. The effect with some chance is also dealt to targets that are under the effect of the "Fatal connection" skill. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 4/4 PvP - 4/4 GvG 4/4 In order to use it in the most beneficial way, it should be used alone in individual wars and with connection skill in group wars. Panic Deals the "Panic" debuff to all opponents within a certain radius around the character. The effect prohibits the use of skills and attacks, and it forces you to move chaotically around the battlefield. Auto-attacks or skill attacks that deal instant damage have a chance of interrupting the effect. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 3/4 GvG 3/4 The melee characters heading towards you will dodge them for a while. I'm not recommend to upgrade it for PvE. Mental Pit Applies the "Mental pit" debuff to the opponent for some time. The effect reduces physical and magical power and the "Skills cooldown" parameter. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 4/4 GvG 1/4 More like 2x2 especially in individual battles. It is a very powerful skill that you can use. Acid Rain Creates an acid rainstorm in the specified area for a while. The downpour deals periodic magical damage to all enemies in the specified area. At the end of the downpour, all targets in the specified area will be dealt the "Poisoning" debuff for a while. The effect deals periodic magical damage. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 1/4 GvG 1/4 After the update, it will only be used to fend off the enemy. Even at the lowest level, 3 players and 8 monsters can affect that you can use it on your way when you want to escape. Dark Power Increases the physical and magical power of the character and the group members at the same location as the character while the skill is active. Permanent skill. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 4/4 PvP - 4/4 GvG 4/4 There is no need to talk at length about this skill. It can also be preferred as 3/4 depending on the situation. The Gift of Rebirth Instantly resurrects a member of the party within several yards of the character, and transports him to the character. Cannot be used during arena fights. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 1/4 GvG 1/4 It can stay 1/4.The max level will give you the ability to use it from far. Dead Soldier Places the totem in the specified area for some time. If there is a dead monster or player within a few yards of the totem, the totem will every few seconds summon a skeleton for some time, which deals magical damage to the enemy, or a skeleton warrior with a chance equal to the value of the Critical Hit parameter of the character that deals increased magical damage to the enemy. One skeleton is summoned for each killed monster or player. Skill Upgrade Changes Pro Tips PvE - 1/4 PvP - 1/4 GvG 1/4 It was a skill, I was waiting for the update with high hopes. However, even in this state, melee is the nightmare of enemies. Against a mage it is unfortunately very weak. Build Example for PvP, PvE and GvG Weapons, Armors and Items choices Baton of the Greatest Secutor If you really want an aggressive necro, this staff has everything you're looking for. But it can be a bit expensive to upgrade it. Cane of Metamorphosis A nice selection that can be used both as PvE and PvP. Royal Baton of the Magic Bastion With high penetration, best choice for PvE if you ask for aggressive necro. Sash of the Ominous Requiem Uses for PvP only. Baldric of the Freebooters of the Code With penetration for aggressive necros. Chiton of Transcendence Best cloak for PvE because mana regen, and has magic powers stats. Horrifying Medallion of Integrity With penetration, horror amulet is for aggressive necros. Magic Ring of Invincibility Because of CD, best suitable for PvE. Low HP, high CD and accurary. Hood and Hoodie of Invisible Knowledge For crit damage and crit heal. Gloves and Clogs of the Wizards of the Sea Turtle For more CD Cowl, Smock, Bracers and Boots of Greatness - Of course last collection for PvP ( CD and Resilience Set) Heady Rum Usually uses on PvP gives extra HP for 10 min. Potion of Majestic Mages Best friend of a necro. Gives you more than what you want. Magnificent Scroll of Immortality of Masters of the Sky Sanctuary For more HP castle scroll. Magnificent Scroll of Invincibility of Masters of the Sky Sanctuary For aggressive necro. Talents Path of Necromancer "This is the list you need to complete in order of priority." Stellar Blessings - First objective to learn 2 skill points for complete your skill build. Bone Mastery - Bone mastery, completely ignore damage. Most important skill after skill point talent. Key Talent - Three of them, mostly you will use Poisonous Shield that removes 1 debuff every 4sec. Increased Critical Hit - That talent with 3/3 increases your critical hit to %53. Power Attack: Rank I and II - %2.25 increases power if you max that both talents. Skills Cooldown: Rank I and II - %2.75 increases skill cooldown if you max that both talents. Energy Regeneration: Rank I - 5 points increases if you max that talent. Panic! + - 1sec increases duration if you max that talent. Healing Power - %3 increases power of healing if you max that talent. Critical Healing - %3 increases critical healing if you max that talent. Ship Graveyard, Ayvondil Long-Lasting Defense - Focus until learnt this talent. Preventing Hydrophobia - At Mermen Dungeon, you need to upgraded maximum level. Classless Books "As in every class, some classless books are very important for necro, I will mention only 4 of them in order of importance." Enhanced Skill Cooldown - %7 skill cooldown, most important classless book for a necro. Enhanced Critical Hit - %3 critical hit, especially for PvP with low crit hit. Upgraded Critical Healing - %10 critical healing power. Power of Spirit - %10 maximum energy and energy regeneration. My Last Words I started to like this class more and more with each passing day, which I really wanted to leave at first. If you are going to play this class one day, I hope this guide I made will be of use to you. Thank you especially for the help, I have received from this site. I almost forgot. Of course, a gorgeous necro costume is required.
  2. It was inspiring guide. One of the most effective ones I have ever seen. Thanks
  3. Good guide for a new class reaper, it has potential even tho not as much as bms.
  4. @ Holmes there is no more quest after lv12, in forsaken map, take a hand please. At the moment legions have lv16 chars already. It's funny
  5. Hello admins, after the bugged restart came out, 1 has used bugged knowledge and got achiv. But 1 also has got costume drop from orci first kill. Well u can say chance but i believe it's about the bug caused the game crash like it crashed knowledge system. Take a look on it ty.
  6. Vla says facts, he needs %25 block as soon as possible, ty.
  7. Remove rogue in mc side, people can start play another classes and it would be good balance
  8. Ryan has a point, I quited the game because of some reasons, I have played rogue for about 7 years. I had a full reward rogue and several books, I fought vava as well and I did nothing to him. Maybe you can think I play bad. But most of comments I had from others that I was playing good. Rogues have no chance in arena with detection + purification pots, everyone is aware of that. They won't be great even if those pots remove from arena. In gvg, in that mass aoe fights. Rogues are being under stun until they die. The best thing they can do is killing out of the circle ones. As ryan said rogues can not have everything at once and in decent. There are flurry, tt, dodge, exterminition skills. Once you max 3 of those, other 1 will be out of context. remember these 2 stuns cant stun in %100 chance, their chance increase only if increase level of the skill. Even before I was quit, I was making another class because rogues were useless, we were decreasing the number of the rogues inside guild starting with ourselves. Imo rogue would have a resist skill, and a decent aoe attack for gvgs. Btw in pve, the comparitation of dps classes are seeker-chief>hunter>ranger>rogue. Rogue in pve is not a dps class, morely survival class. A critic dmg increaser or dmg increaser would balance it.
  9. You are wrong, best is spring dagger %5 atk strenght+spring dagger x2 pene %2.5 atk strenght dagger. catharsis hasn't atk strenght.
  10. I think raid bosses needs to change, I mean they are not even raid bosses anymore because they are too easy, 3-5ppl can do it, only sea ones not easy. Maybe new graphics and harder bosses and different bosses for different types of books can be added instead of engineer and elm, and random boss respawns everyday? + Kronos boss should change, new lab needs to be active, for questors first parts must be easy ofc but it must be harder everytime when you deeper and different type of raid bosses must be there and a harder dungeon with different type of items. New lab map needs to be extended, and needs to be hard to explore alone. Maybe it would make game a bit funnier, to see new things instead of same updates on every year
  11. Watch Torxxx videos and tell me BD doesn't need nerf(BD attacks 1000+ easily even to strongest players ), Druid has area roots and area heal as well... Look at the Ancrestrais, I just see mages go make your strategy, being new classes and fight, everytime you lose, everytime you guys are here, Torxxx sharing videos which they destroy KINGDOM guild, so it was fair to let elfs win because you went to elf, it is unfair that you lose to MC becase you are elfs now, just predicting but it might be because your people plays bad then.
  12. Ohhh right, you want me to talk about balances! Balances that are going to let you win always, otherwise will be called unbalanced! 1-How many templars does even Ancestrais using? if you know well they got aoe stuns+ area silence skills 2- How many druids does the Great Ancestrais have if have extra slot left from MAGES? as u remember they have fully heal+stun skills 3- How many Paladins ancestrais have? Area attack/ High protection/ High healer/Area stunner class If you keep use mostly mages and ignore other classes, the reason for you to lose is obvious. KINGDOM guild is improving theirselves not only individuals but also strategies. Their circle is becoming a Bermuda Triangle and your strategy seems like entering the hell 😄 Look at the videos, how Ancestrais spread around while KINGDOM stands together. Well, with the templars' help you can spread them around maybe? Before coming here for solutions, try to search the issue in yourself🙃
  13. I remember vinagre was hunter and in Valhalla, gave up to play in elf, will we see another give up soon then? As you know, with the right classes you can fight against any class, KINGDOM doesn't use rogues since they are lack of aoe attacks, they use correct classes no matter how they strong or weak but as I know RoT and others use wrong classes, I believe that's the reason.
  14. huh look at that aggressive attitude! If almost all servers are dominated by elfs, it is so normal to talk about that. Therefore, the game is not 1v1 and rogues are lack of aoe or active relics on area fights, or even disable to use skills mostly while rangers are shooting form 4-6 yards before.
  15. Well the level upping stuff and dungeon stuff is easy. What am i talking about is for spring raid bosses because im sure seekers will destroy bosses and elfs will get all drops as always xD
  16. ı actually liked this suggestion. Must be considered before update
  17. Is this a JOKE? ranger is worst class in PvP? Why don't you come EU-Emerald server and look some of them. A rogue dodges more than ranger does. It is ranged class, its the advantage. 5-6 stun skill and blind 5/5 is like 6 seconds and there is no stun so distortion not works. hmm ye still bad? LOL
  18. nice joke. Since almost in every servers elfs are dominating? OK xD +1
  19. Rogues are already able to reach max stats with 32 level items. The problem is about CRIT DMG. please add crit dmg or dmg boost to rogues.
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