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  1. @Dr StrangeWanted to ask something, have you been considering to add some features into these 3 island events such as "hidden treasuries, missions". For example, randomly some portals spawn in some places of the islands and they teleport u into unknown places. Like there are some hidden stuff to explore etc. Maybe some kind of nuance additions in the different places of islands etc.
  2. Gotcha, but you should also consider that his words are in purpose, just spoiling the topic and take the nice level of discussion into his imaginary world. He doesn't even play Warlock, just here to complain and complain over and over again like he does in discord. I won't be answering to him anyway anymore, waste of words.
  3. I'm not gonna discuss further with someone who has 0 clue about the game and reality. The guy who has never played warlock talks about it and says "free to talk", funny.
  4. I don't know what you live in ur brain yet it is not the discord chat area that you can talk nonsense, and who is asking for Warlock to be the best? LOL. Just go read the first text back, you are just here to complain like you always and everywhere do. How a warlock can counter priest or druid, or templars, that's a big joke. You are clueless what you been talking. Ayo what????????? You heal urself 1 tap to max, and complain about stone skill??? Bro what cannabis you are using? It is not just counters, they just 2 shot warlocks. BDs can kill a caster with their 0.5 combo, not even 1 !!!! Now you happy with what you done? You have spoiled in my page with your limitless complainments.
  5. This is a topic created to say that Warlock is weaker than any dmg classes and the stun is useless, besides there is no defensive skill or relic for them. Simply we are being 2 shotted by BDs or Rangers. With buff let's say you have reached to 3k dmg, then why don't you tell about other classes, they can reach to 5k dmg with buffs. This is not the main idea I am trying to tell, people who has warlock experience already aware of how vulnerable and uneffective they are.
  6. That is pure distorted and false information, there is only 1-2 good warlocks in EU server with books, one is Hades, and even he is not capable of hitting 3k on a maxed priest without using castle buff/pot/scrolls. Please have some experience before making comments. And for second, I invite you to try that second branch, since there are bracelets now and dmg of warlock nerfed hugely, its impossible to play with that branch to be useful.
  7. I would appreciate, I don't know much abt how to use the website efficiently, I just wanted to post here because the last nerf came on spring, so maybe a fix could come in spring again, atleast on fear skill for "3 yard" thing.
  8. @Dr StrangeI want to talk a bit about Warlock before the update comes. 1 ) Mana CAP Problem: Absolutely 1 year ago, Warlocks got huge and unfair nerf of "Mana cap", which mainly was about limiting the damage increase from the maximum mana a character has. It is nearly 300~ for PvP and 500~ PvE. As I have shown the characteristics of some of the classes from Mountain Clans, especially in terms of PvP, with the addition of new "Bracelets", Warlocks has been weakened so much that they can't deal some serious damage to their enemies even if they are fully damage branch talented. For instance, the other classes down there can hit 3k+ to enemies with the strongest skill of they got. However, it is not valid for a Warlock to hit more than 2k~ to a maxed enemy anymore. With the new damage boosts of all DPS characters, a ranger/hunter can get to 4k damage from an instant damage skill and which applies a debuff. I may get some answers such as "Warlock is a great group enemy controller class, you can't deny that.", indeed it is, but in the top level of fighting, it is seen as a joke... Because most top level players are aware of and has 30%+ base resistance parameters with a great instants damages. Therefore, either warlocks should rely on the other 7/10 stunning chance and to kill a strong player warlock generally needs to make a 1.5-2 combo which means 6-7 stun skills used. (7/10)^6 = 0.11. So, either rely on 11% chance to kill an enemy after spamming numerous stuns, or get killed by 2-3 instant huge dmg skills. 2) Fear Skill Problem I really want to know what is the reason of a control skill being 3 yards while all of them are generally 5 yards. The skill I am talking about is "Fear". It looks quite funny and useless. Imagine you are fighting against any class and you are planning to stun him at first and use "Dark Circle" skill, but sadly it got "Resisted", so to not let it to hit you, the first alternative is to use fear and start your combo. (We generally must use stuns because as I have said in the 1) section, almost all damage classes which are either shown as having lower dmg characteristics, they hit much higher and much harder. ) Back to our topic, till you get 3 yard closer to an enemy already, it can spam all the skills on you and you will be dead already. 3) The Lack of Defensive Skills or Relics Through the years, rogues/hunters/rangers has earned some defensive abilities like "Dodge" to increase their survivability. I won't mention how tanks/healers got defensive skills to survive in a battle. Even mages, besides their shields they earned a little healing combo-skill. However, when we come into warlocks, there isn't either useful or passive defensive skills to work during combat. A.) What we got is a stone skill... A skill that disables the character to atk an enemy, and after going out, literally vulnerable of anything coming next. B.) Haven't finished yet, another skill which is also nerfed and it brings more burden than it helps in a battle cause it only works when you "Deal" damage. C.) A "defensive" skill that can be "Resisted" and works just a little bit within few conditions managed. 4-) Conclusion Warlocks have lost their popularity and effectiveness since the huge nerfs on them in the past year and afterwards. > When it comes to damage, it doesn't deal sufficient damage to scare his enemy and not persist on him to "think" to counter, while other DPS classes hits really high with their "ulti" skills. > When it comes to support/control, it has not much difference from many other classes anymore as an advantage. Most classes has aoe stun/silence skills. > When it comes to Survivability, there is not much passive skills that can help or defensive relics to be actived to increase a Warlock's capability of staying alive and pursue fighting. Maybe @Horimiyamigth want to add something about these, but I doubt if he is interested in mass figths and PvP, rather than PvE :') Thanks
  9. @Holmes, @Dr Strange May I ask if it is possible for battle in irselnort. Enemy guild use unity 1 map away from Legion, then use bless and come inside to the flag. Then after bless done there won't be a Globe for defence, so the flag HP will go down very quickly. And second/third flags are the same ways going down. If in any case those skills be free for the other maps, then it will just make it even worse for battles. The solution would be the ban of all these skills, otherwise there won't be much tactic to go over.
  10. we opened tons of topics tons of articles and replies for this skills. Unfortunately they don’t care us. They do what they wants. On my server mc side almost completely left from game because of unbalanced class design. They re buffs who cries much. Today if elves population %85 rest of play mc. Most of them thinks to left
  11. This game has the most disgraceful drop system of MMO features ever. When you go 1000+ runs for nothing, someone takes a book from a dungeon he entered only once. Do your daily activities already enough for this game.
  12. Imagine you make talent for book users. Other can continue to cry with %0.000000001 book drop rates
  13. Technically, we can find out from here who has spent the most life scrolls, not the population. You know better. For a long time, wasn't this war called “life scroll war”?
  14. We need some bot players for mc side, because of unbalanced game all players play elf side. At least bots can balance this.
  15. Thank you for your comments, I hope a well-deserved change is made.
  16. First of all, I will spend time in this article as i think unfortunately this class is not played by almost no one but maybe there is hope that it can be saved. Skills Reworks The reaper class offers you the opportunity to switch to a new form, but the game forgot something with the new talent update. Despite adding a new Partial Form, many skills are not adapted to this form. Let's discuss this with new ideas. (I will only give information about the skills that need to be changed.) Normal Form --------------- Otherworldly Boost -You must have seen a reaper using this skill at least once. So what is this shield? I think it is necessary to either remove an effect that has no effect in the game or to give the shield that this class deserves. (example of useless shield) Explosion of Chaos - This is the skill need to completely rework. Instead of blow after a while, apply to character for some seconds and deals to damage to all enemies amount of attack power within a one-yard radius every 2.5sec (like chieftain Eagle Eye skill). Additionally skill deals bleeding negative effect to enemies with %20 chance while under effect demon form. (Well I believe this changes will make reapers more usefull in GvG's) Exorcism - Skill completely reworked. Now like all Forsaken class deals the "Exorcism" debuff to the enemy and "Demon Life" buff to the character for a while. The "Exorcism" effect deals periodic physical damage. The "Demon Life" effect restores health depending on the damage done. Additionally skill deals silence negative effect to enemies 7sec after done while under effect demon form. Demon Form --------------- Honestly, Demon form offers fair enough features. Therefore, in this article, I will not talk about the changes of the demon form. Partial Form --------------- This form came with the new talent branch update. but unfortunately something is missing and this is getting noticed in a big way. Although it offers you a 20% ATK strenght guarantee, it takes more than 6 features from your hands. Let's take a quick look at them and examine what can change. (and yes, it gives you a 25% chance to basic attack twice. but not guaranteed.) Partial Form Pros - As I mentioned above, it gives you 20% atk strength and 25% chance of normal attack twice. Cons - You lose %25 maximum heath and energy points from skill. Idea - Increased character speed %25 during effect. Skill cooldown decreased 18sec to 15sec. Otherworldly Boost Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to apply bleeding enemies who got debuff. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skills apply partial bleeding to random enemies with %10-20-30-40-50 chances. Chains of the Underworld Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to apply chains multiple enemies. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skills apply partial chains to random enemies with %10-20-30-40-50 chances. Exaltation Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to apply positive effect %25 skill damage Idea - When character under partial form effect, skills apply partial positive effect gives %12.5 skill damage Rise above Death Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to completely talent advantages. When use partial effect talent won't active anymore. Idea - When character under partial form effect, debuff remove with %50 chances. Annihilation Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose up to %56 critical damage from skill depends hate level. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skill now gains up to %25 critical damage from skill depends hate level. Hand of the Underworld Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to guarantee double hit chance with extra %1.5sec stun chance (if based maximum skill level) Idea - When character under partial form effect, skills apply guarantee double with %1 sec increase stun by %10-20-30-40-50 chances. Unwavering Will Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose to guarantee 2 resist boost. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skills turns to active status and usable during form. Explosion of Chaos Pros - There is no advantages if you select partial form. Cons - You lose %10 penetration to enemies (if based maximum skill level) Idea - When character under partial form effect, with new rework apply bleeding negative effects to enemies with %10 chance. Approach of Madness Pros - You can not use it under effect both forms. (Expect Hate Thrist talent.) Cons - Skill can not usable during form. Idea - Well, If we have made a partial metamorphosis technically, it means that we can still benefit from this skill. So character under partial form effect, instead of "Blood Frenzy" to "Parry Frenzy" positive effect that gives character %5-6-8-10 Parry during form. After form ends, effect over with it. Revenge Pros - There is no advantages with both forms. Cons - Skill doesn't effect to forms. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skill can not block, parry or dodge. Exorcism Pros - There is no advantages with both forms. Cons - Skill doesn't effect to forms. Idea - When character under partial form effect, skill deals silence negative effect to enemies 3.5sec after done.
  17. Resume of new sand map in 1min; •new shoes for walk faster at sand •new talents for spent your time for specific buffs like speed on sand, more attack sand monsters etc. •new two raid boss drops broken books for dominance guilds •new potion to gives you extra reputation (ofc drops from new p2w chest) •some abandoned areas with chest need key to open it like sea chest (ofc open chest u need open p2w chest first) •new parameter like deeps fury ( sand’s fury) op name •new currency for buy new weapons, boots with sands fury.
  18. I can't imagine how would it end if there was just 1 boss in spring event, no class can give damage buff but yea, elves will be advantegous always
  19. Imagine you go 1000 runs for nothing and someone enter take book after first run. Fair game
  20. Just an example, in ac odysey, there was 3 equipment sets, 1 for mobs/animals, 1 for against people, 1 for assasination. could work on 3 sets as the game goes for 3 types of main streams
  21. Speechless! Clueless what he is talking about!
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