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  1. I ask you to please reread what I meant about the globe. Because of this, this change in the sentinels showed that the real problem would not be healing the Legion, but healing the game in general. For in your own example you say that 10 priests and 15 explorers could break a defense where the goal was a Pilone Flag etc. Yes I read the topic completely, I know the suggestions very well. What I said I repeated was not the suggestion, I exemplified why questioning a little about the way the globe works. My goal may not have been clear, I'm sorry, but what I say is to add a new effect to the globe, which reduces the effectiveness of skills, I ask you to reread what I sent to understand why just transforming it into a reduction could change its essence.
  2. Let us also return to the issue of the globe that was also left out, I believe that there is a reason for it to be as it is, precisely to bring a twist to the use of skill. The blessing, for example, can leave you irreversible when you leave it, the sponsorship can be broken with high amounts of damage, invisibility that can be removed when using skills, as well as hybrid classes are not affected at least, being the Templario, Paladin, Dk, Cacique and Ecantador, what other solutions could be made without the need for an 80% reduction? Why do I believe that the effect of it reversing damage is deliberate, that other changes could be made in relation to these hybrid classes? What if instead of just reversing the damage the globe also reduced the effect of skills by a certain%?
  3. I considered the changes, however, @Rei Morte deviated showing that there would be no need for the change, but I believe that in the scenario shown by himself, modifications would not be necessary, how about we explore others? @Vinagrewhat do you think of totems without the effect of healing buffs?
  4. Well, my goal here is to show the scenarios that changing the topic would affect, opening a new topic would end up duplicating a discussion that is having a good development here.
  5. The same issue persists, balancing classes. At no time did we go out of focus, we are here discussing various scenarios.
  6. In this case, if only the 10 priests were needed for this purpose, why was this topic started? There would be no need for changes in the Shaman.
  7. I understand, but I didn't even think about the battle of the topic itself, I thought about Wars, but let's think that there would also be evils for that, because if you exchange damage players to include players with high healing to survive more, you are sacrificing the damage to hit the goal, be it Pilone or Flag, I will not even consider the Throne because in my view major adjustments must be made to it.
  8. I did not understand, at what time I mentioned specific guilds, I speak in general for all, and if you are going to take these guilds as you say, at most they might have the ability to attack and defend, after all they are the biggest of your server, but the consideration here are Guild battles in general.
  9. When you focus on an objective, some things are left aside, among them the damage to your enemies, so if the enemy does not take damage for what would he use healing? soon he would also focus on damage and debuff to kill the enemy as quickly as possible, so it would be an exchange of targets
  10. A Guild would not be able to attack and defend at the same time, or it will focus on destroying the enemy or the enemy will destroy it, and to maintain a healing, damage classes would be reduced, so the overall guild damage would also be reduced.
  11. Taking into account an increase in sentinel healing and a small limitation of 6 players, I believe that it would not be necessary to change the Legion's debuff, because this debuff is what keeps the legion standing in battle, as they do not have defensive skills as strong as the sentinels, the wizard's barrier is a good example of this, great for group battles, and has no break, just for time, of course a paid can die in this interval, but absorption of the sentinels is very OP, I believe it is precisely to hold the debuffs from the legion.
  12. When it comes to limiting the totem it is a bit complicated, I will use a banal example, just to exemplify my idea, supposing that a Guild has 100 Shamans, There would be 600 healing targets, if we limit it to 1 totem per player it would be the same as just 100 targets, where would the other 500 healing totem effects go? Of course, this is a very banal example, but considering the War it is not so difficult that this situation will happen one day, if it were really to limit in my view the ideal would be 6 totem per player, but I believe that it would not satisfy you in what you brought here.
  13. Longer battles? Perfect, they would give more excitement to the WS content, not to mention that the battles would be more and more disputed and each second would be decisive.
  14. Excuse me, but the druid would be able to do the same, regarding the focused skills the druid is the master of healing.
  15. It wouldn't hurt, as long as the parameters were fair, considering the area cure buffs that the sentinel has, not to mention the other area cures, however instantaneous
  16. Torrente already works like this, it’s just not in area or periodic, but it has a low cd, just a rework in the skill would be enough
  17. The ability to understand is a bouncy cure, which jumps from ally to ally, reducing its effect, as if it were a healing guide arrow.
  18. Great idea, I believe it is more viable than reducing the legion's livelihood, as totem healing has always been essential for the legion for years.
  19. I believe it is relative, since at one time the totem weakness itself was unviable to shamans, today it is essential
  20. I've been analyzing the skills of the firstborn, they have great combos, but I also agree with the rework of some skills, especially when it comes to debuffs
  21. I have to agree that Druid does not have an effect in an area as efficient as a shaman and priest, but he does add healing support to a GvG or War.
  22. Well, as I demonstrated earlier, adverse situations happen for both cures, just to make them more balanced, if the instant cure of the Priest in a base calculation of the generated cure, has twice the amount of the shaman and has a smaller cd compared to the totem. , why not think about the healing division, as 50% of that healing would already be equivalent to the whole healed by the shaman's totem
  23. I believe that it would be the same as the healing being affected by precision, it would render the ability useless on a battlefield where various area skills are used, unlike the templar totem pole, we are talking about a cure, and not just a damage absorption, which in all classes can be broken, or have a short duration.
  24. We can do the same calculation applied by you with your instant healing, for example 1 Priest heals 3k with his buffs, has 9 targets, thus healing 27k with each use of skills, so 20 priests would heal 540k of instant healing right? But I understand better what you want, but if a guild with more than 20 shamans has about 6 targets, so there are 120 targets, where would this cure go? would it be wasted on the battlefield? so it would be unviable to have shamans in your guild, just 17 would be enough and it would be more than enough.
  25. I understand, but I decided to highlight the priest a little, because as exemplified he has a potential as great as that of the shaman, perhaps the problem is the influence of the healing buffs in both classes
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