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  1. I think the clans help definitely could replace crit bonus with attack speed, crit dmg, or some other bonus. Crit already through the roof easy to max. curse of plague tick faster does not address it's lack of application. those debuffs have very few applications in pve unless your tank is a dodge rogue or dodge chieftain. I think as a utility the rat should be a minion instead with physical based dmg or aura like it is now (maybe needing to adjust tick time) and chance at applying debuff. Otherwise, it moves too slow for pvp applications and almost will always have something mroe
  2. One idea to increase damage but not overall effectiveness is to make damage formula for blow of spirits and wolf's alacrity to be mix of pdmg and mdmg. Making blow of spirits especially do mix of pdmg and mdmg will allow flexibility to increase damage by total % (100% of each at max for example) and allow chieftain to have higher single target damage, however to maximize this dmg potential sacrifice some mdmg will be necessary which will remove effectiveness from other abilities and survivability from bear vigor heal. I think this is missing component of chief is that only right now combinatio
  3. Chieftain looks like it excels very well in PvE, especially soloing greater content then before. However, I think they lack in arena with no stun. unless you do bear hide before stun combo, will likely get eaten alive in cloth armor before stun lifts. The other thing I think they lack is true role within parties for PvE content. There are better dmg to bring and obviously, better support. Even with prioritizing those abilities that do damage, Chieftain is still mediocre to other classes and require melee range with little skill points left for surviving in cloth.
  4. Nice edit man, that moment when the waves of teams clash against each other is always such an epic feeling for PvPers!
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