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    For dual wielders like BDs and Rogues,
    To clear any confusions about weapon combination DpS, Assuming our dexterity is 0,
    Lowest DpS rating
    Sword + Sword = lowest dps ~ Most of the swords can compliment BD's parry. 2 seconds every swing
    Medium DpS rating
    Dagger + dagger  ~ highest speed, lowest damage mostly has the best stat like accuracy and critical. 1.7 seconds every swing.
    Axe + Sword ~ slow attacks with decent damage. 2.1 seconds every swing.
    Axe + Axe ~ highest damage one can receive. Most axes lack accuracy but almost always have penetration. 2.2 seconds every swing.
    *DpS of the aforementioned wields are utmost about the same.
    High DpS rating
    Sword + Dagger ~ All around, good damage, DpS and stats. 1.85 seconds every swing.
    Highest DpS rating
    Axe + Dagger ~ Best DpS, Nice stats, damage and speed slightly better than twin swords. 1.95 seconds every swing.
    Personal Preference : It's up to you what weapon combination suits your playstyle.
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