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    Don't do much reaction :rofl: Rogues are everywhere, and closer than you think. :friends:
  2. How about it? Scammers are not perfect, lets face it, they're humans too. Here's how the scam works : The scammer will pretend he's your friend by mentioning your friends name, and he's on his other char. And he needs to borrow money and will pay later. Very well, I dont really want to post this, even though he tried to scam me, but, my new player friend told me he is scammed an amount of 700 gold and a minion using my name. Yeah its not big, but it means lot to me when I saw my friend cry to me. I dont know the scammer's name at that time, but not until he pm'ed my other char. The scammer accidentally pm'ed my other char that he is Cigma. What a mistake. :facepalm: Well, the game is not complete without a screen shot, so here it is.
  3. I've told im not pertaining to myself to this post, but to everyone.
  4. I like your point of view of never giving up. But, unfortunately, you dont get it. First of all 3v3 (in your image) is not much popular in arena and 2 warlocks' stun doesn't last long. So it doesn't surprise me seeing you winning. Second, Yeah also have all arena gears and CL armors. Got it all before guild. But nevermind about me. Its about the general welfare and common good of everybody who everytime entering arena, face up a guild then lose. Third, I've posted this not because I'd give up or not keep on trying. Its because I do care for the noobs who, most of the time, suffer at arena because because of an unfair guild fight. Even though they strive, they're ending up consuming golds for a lose. Lastly, 2 warlocks defeated by a BD in volcano does not amaze me. It's logically possible with a high chance of success. Since warlock rely on skills and BD has hamsting. ;)
  5. cigma

    Knife or sword??

    Well my opinion, 2 daggers = more attack speed =more critical. But less damages from merc; 2 blades = slow swing burst attack, great for pvp. But then again it's slow. Each attack missed is a great loss. Unlike daggers, even did a miss, can still swing another swift attack. I always enjoy fighting 1on 1 with a BD that wields 2 scout gladius. 2 successful attacks every 5 slow swings :rofl:
  6. Well buddy, you've agreed then counterfeit your own opinion :wacko: It doesn't interest me to always get lost at arena. By the way, to call yourself "strong" , you, basically, need arena equips, but then again, you cant own arena equips since they're always pawnin' you. Well even if I have x2 +10 doom blades, I will never, ever, defeat a warlock guild team or an organized guild party unlike random ones.
  7. cigma

    Boss: Dinalt

    Panchens always give me a great :lol:laugh. :rofl:
  8. Ever since the introduction of guild points by winning arena, tons of guilds showed up with their burst strength and easily crush weaker random arena players. You enter random ---> Saw a desperate guild with 5 warlocks ---> all 5 free tickets, all lose. I mean, come on ! Its very unfair ! Guild battles are supposed to be guild vs guild and not guild vs random. How come the winning guild wins because they simply pawn randoms. And not by a real guild fight. :facepalm:
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