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  1. I send a ticket about this book 5 minutes ago but im just curious what players think about this book.Today i saw ranger in war atleast 50 mc players were attacking and he wasnt dying.Tanking all players like old warden.Im thinking if rangers use life steal runes on every accesories and use life steal book and use lifesteal potion easily can get %50 life steal.So if he get hit with %50 chance heal %150 of damage ? this is need solution This game is ridiculous
  2. Im sorry but you are totally wrong.I think you dont play in arena or never played warlock.This book reduces stun on your character dependant to your magical defense ? warlock is all about stuns dont have any defensive skills shield or something like mage.So problem is here everybody can easily win against warlock with using resist pots,scrolls.Oh if you have this book dont even worry about warlocks I played too many rpg games and i see warlock is very weak class.
  3. Dude i will delete my warlock really its enough.Even i saying peoples who think create warlock to not create.All my friends in game who play warlock not playing this game anymore,same will happen to me soon.Admins dont even care about what players saying in this game what a joke community.
  4. I created my warlock 5-6 years ago was op in that time cant deny that.But now im getting cancer everytime playing in arena.Bladedancers can resist 3 stuns with skill they just running to u and killing with 1 combo.Except that,Castle scrolls %20 resist snow event potion %15 resist and %6 resist from 12 level guild.So explain me how can i win against a player with %41 resist in arena.Im very curious what admins think about warlock in this game.One more thing,after the rework of stonebody (i mean nerf ) after i use skill im instantly click fear on enemy and my character waiting for like 3 second there is no chance to use fear on enemy before he stun me this wasnt happening before update.
  5. Which point of view ? we are not in 2015 dude its impossible to win against bladedancer with 4/4 resist skill.Stop dreaming warlock is dead.
  6. Someone stole my mail adress and in game i changed my mail adress (was old warspear account) to my new gmail.So my question is he can get my account any way ? like account recovery or something with my old stolen mail adress ?
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