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  1. Hi I have read several topics that you have made / commented on and in large part, my opinion has its influence. I hope that these changes in the class will occur soon and that the Rogue will once again be a strong class in terms of PvE :D
  2. This is due to the popularity of the class, before it was an op class and many players created rogues because of that, but after so many nerfs, their PvP (which gave a considerable improvement due to the last skill added) and PvE have become bad ( compared to Hunter and Warlock who have very good area damage skills), large guilds have stopped recruiting them (at least in BR-Tourmaline this is how it is). I wish there were more significant changes in the Frenzy skill than just increasing the total duration by 2 seconds...
  3. The utility that the class has had in the game. Most of the large guilds have not accepted the entry of rogues due to their lack of area control. if it is to do damage to a single target, it must be high damage (and I think at least the change in Frenzy will help at least a little bit in that).
  4. Changes in Rogue The rogues have not been performing well in the current meta pve, so I come to ask you to make the change in the Frenzy and Ricochet skill. Frenzy is not being a useful skill either for pve or pvp. Most high-level rogues use daggers and the skill's activation time consumes 2/3 hits, which is very disruptive. So I come to ask you to change the skill so that it is an aura skill with constant mana consumption. This would be very useful for the skill. And as for Ricochet, the skill is also not being a very useful skill (very low damage even 4/4), I hope they improve the s
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