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  1. If Aigrind knows its still in developement. Why dont you guys post about another promised thing like avondyll that is supposed to be "finished"
  2. Hm this game is getting p2p. AS CATalonia said, ill think ill sell my account too
  3. Are we able to use like instagram filters? ;D
  4. very good, there should be 2 first places, girl and man. that's it
  5. edited it, one more coming before day ends XD
  6. the new costume i made, other one was lame, and i prefered to do it better with effects and paint.net i having problems with image size, i did to big the with and lenght on the background, so the image was very tiny. I am trying to fix it.
  7. I updated from the poor dragon protector to my new innovative idea. HORSE SUIT! :) I got inspired by my horse mask in my house, where i went pranking with the horse mask and a smoking dress hehe... I finished it i guess... I wanted something new, that isn't armor, because i know many people posting armor, and something that fits the character without looking like a boss A.I. I wanted a costume unique for a character. Took me two days to do the front part XD. I worked on it all these week's hope you guys enjoy ths funny idea. Work's for halloween :pardon: The Horse Mask on A suit.= Horse Suit But for now :) From the Lost Forest of First Born, a man with special identity was discovered THE HORSE SUIT http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/15/50/81/05/horse_14.png Front (Edited) http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/15/50/81/05/horse_12.png Back Side http://i74.servimg.com/u/f74/15/50/81/05/horse_15.png I tried all days, side was harder, but still working on it look good before this day ends. that head driving me crazy lol. P.S dont use imageshack.us for posting link images, that sucks. Brings a lot of problem sizes OH and details to the suit may be added in the future.(not head) All copyright's reserved.
  8. can we make multiple costumes? i have many ideas i would like to use, or at least post many costumes and let decide wich one the people liked from mine, and the winner is the one competing
  9. keep reviving is an option :rofl:
  10. Let's make a real big war this friday 9th of august. Wednesday one was real shi.... ELFS SPLIT UP SO HARD for doing chainless, and the point was mc town. Please, this time let's make it organized with anticipation, i will start recruiting 30 minutes before 12:00 p.m EST EASTERN STANDARD TIME or 35min depending on the amount of elfs joining the group fast or slowly. We will start recruiting AT CARAVANS. NO CHAINLESS, NO GG OR LAKE. PLEASE. This will be added up on my NEW CHANNEL OF YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/channel/UChP6A_OQRd5Flot9xj19qYg YOU CAN CHECK LATEST WAR'S I MADE THERE, including the one from this wednesday that it's only 1:00min because of the split off, it's a misery really elf's. Just watch that video of Elf's Misery and tell me if that doesn't ashames you. WE WILL BE ATTACKING ALL THE WAY TO T1, if possible. MC TOWN NUMBER 1. Then if wanted we can attack other CL BOSSES. This friday at 11:25 i will start recruiting, please be there and dont split up. I will record for youtube, if any inconvinience is shown i will post on forums again. If i don't get online you guys can still do it if you want, without me. BUT PLEASE, TOWN 1, DON'T SPLIT UP, it takes me a lot to type and get a lot of people.
  11. Let's make a big war in 30 minutes. 3.6 last day war. A good one for youtube. on 30 minutes 12:00 EST time eastern standard time. i know it's kinda late but it values if someone read this ONLY US-SAPPHIRE ELFS I am rakalf paladin, i will be recording. We can invade Mc Caravans, Pvp cave and bosses
  12. Can mods move this to guild section. Thanks
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