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  1. AINGRIND I think you need put the price of experts skills lower, because is very expensive for some players...
  2. Zedeght

    Debuff druid

    guys I saw many druids they can do their oponents don't nothing, they always use many stuns on you and you cant do nothing, only distance dmg op can survive, but when they put basic stun you cant use skills, I think you need to debuff druid.
  3. Ok it is good but, why reduces de duration? Now we need to wait for cooldown and that's not cool But increases the dmg is good and op
  4. search it in the last test server in russian forum and u will see there isnt a pot of exp
  5. I think this time will be avalaible exp 10.000 pot, in the lasts tests servers the firsts 2 tests server not have it, but at the third we got pots :D
  6. I don't play Death Knight but I play Barbarian and I saw that. The Stone Skin of the barb is very incredible at the reduction of dmg, and I think too is good can be regen with blocks, but... the Death Knight is stronger but only for few time, and the Death Knight is the magic tank of Legion side and AIGRIND nerf the Death Knight but dont nerf Paladin?, Paladin is very stronger area dmg, and the players of Death Knight feel happy for the skill of Knight Curse because is area dmg and now AIGRIND nerf it? and nerf it 2 times? Why all time elves win?
  7. I think need to put slow difficult at lvl32, because the third stage and fourd stage is very hard, many mobs attack u lol
  8. I have a question... why say at 13:00 CET? If you dont will put at that hour? be puntually pls
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