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  1. Thank you so much guys :) and have a good New Year 2022 with many good things.
  2. I don't have that, a dev or moderator may give me I think, I don't know about that xd
  3. Stone Skin Now blocked damage instantly accumulates one effect of the skill no more often than once every 2 seconds. Ahhhh, mmmmm, This is unfair..... Those buffs can be removed with periodic damage..... and many enemies like rangers, chieftains, shamans, mages, etc, etc, etc, make many damage periodic, and passive becomes useless, so making block won't accumulate each 2 seconds? really? I think this is unfair. @Nolan
  4. ¡IS FINALLY DONE! I won't give relics and formules because is a lot of more work and nobody pay me for this, I just upload for help all those people that needs a guide of the skills. I want you know I'll be updating this if I still playing game...
  5. Class Description Faction: Forsaken Charmers are select fighters of the Forsakens. They combine the best features of fighting sorcerers and heavy infantry, and they are equally well skilled when using staves and heavy maces. The enemy never knows what to expect from Charmers: these warriors are able to get close to their opponent, hiding behind their shields and then bind the will of the enemy using spells. Charmers can reverse the outcome of a battle by asking a monster for help or healing wounds of their allies using spells. Features: Group support, range and melee attacks, mixed damage, control and weaken enemies. Attack: Defense: Support: Passive Skills Devotion. Increases character's Energy Regeneration by 3. Staves. Grants use of magical staves. One-handed Mace. Grants use of one-handed maces. Shield. Grants use of shields. Physical and magic defence increased by 15% while you having a shield put on. Cloth Armor. Grants use of cloth armor. Heavy Armor. Grants use of heavy armor. Basic Skills Dark Prism Magical attack that causes increased damage to the enemy. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 13 units Cooldown: 9 seconds Combat Healing Instantly restores a certain amount of health of character or an ally and deals them a positive “Healing” effect that periodically restores health for some time. Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Energy expense: 12 units Cooldown: 12 seconds Weakness Reduces physical and magical defense of the enemy for some time. Type: Active Usage range: 5 yards Energy expense: 14 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time effect (seconds): 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 Effect (%): 15% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 55% Call Summons a monster to a specified region for some time. The monster deals physical damage to an opponent. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 18 units Cooldown: 22 seconds Maximum number of summons: 3 Time of summon (seconds): 12 / 15 / 18 / 22 / 26 Oppression A magical attack that deals damage and negative effect “Stun” to an enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, damaging the target does not obviate the effect. Type: Active Usage range: 3 yards Energy expense: 20 units Cooldown: 18 seconds Time stun (seconds): 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5 Expert Skills Stone Curse Magical attack that deals the negative effect “Petrification” to the enemy for some time. The opponent cannot move or apply skills, the target cannot be attacked. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 18 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time stun (seconds): 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Otherworldly Blessing Increases the maximum health of the target, maximum amount of energy, as well as the Block parameter if equipped with a shield, and the Critical Damage and Critical Healing parameter if equipped with a staff for some time. When used on an ally, the character and the ally receive a portion of the effect. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 35 seconds HP increased (%): 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% MP increased (%): 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% If a shield is equipped Parameter block increased (%): 2% / 4% / 6% / 9% If a staff is equipped Parameter critical hit (%): 13% / 16% / 20% / 25% Buff critical heal (%): 13% / 16% / 20% / 25% Buff critical damage (%): 13% / 16% / 20% / 25% Ally effect gived (%): 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% Time effect (seconds): 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Knowledge of the Dead Man Every time any skill is used, the character gets a buff, when five buffs are received, the positive effect “Dark aura” is applied to the character. Dark aura deals the negative effect “Stun” to the enemy for some time, as well as additional physical damage during the next attack. Type: Passive Time of buff acumulative (seconds): 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 Time of buff stun (seconds): 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 Time stun (seconds): 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Otherworldly Fire A magical attack that deals damage in the specified area, as well as Stun debuff with a specified chance, to all enemies for some time. The attack is repeated several times. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 26 units Cooldown: 24 seconds Number of repetitions: 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 Time between repetitions (seconds): 3 / 3 / 3 / 3 Chance for stun (%): 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Time of stun (seconds): 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3 Number of player targets: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 Eye of the Darkness Increases physical and magical defense and accuracy of the character or an ally, and lets them see enemies when they are invisible and are located within a few yards for some time. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Increment of defense (%): 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% Time effect (seconds): 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 Help of Chaos Summons a monster to the character or an ally for a limited period of time. The monster restores the certain amount of character's or ally's health every 3 seconds and deals magic damage to the enemy. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 22 units Cooldown: 20 seconds Time of summon (seconds): 14 / 16 / 18 / 20 Demonic Pact Increases the life time of monsters summoned by the Call and Help of Chaos skills, and reduces the damage they receive for the duration of the skill. The effect power increases as the skill develops. Skill with constant energy consumption. Type: Active Energy expense: 20 units Energy regen reduction (units): 5 / 7 / 9 / 10 Cooldown: 8 seconds Increment lifetime of summons "Call" and "Help of Chaos" (%): 40% / 50% / 60% / 70% Reduction of damage received of summons "Call" and "Help of Chaos" (%): 12% / 16% / 22% / 28% Goading Applies the “Aggression” effect to all enemies within a few yards from the character and decreases his movement speed for some time. Type: Active Energy expense: 14 units Cooldown: 14 seconds Aggression (units): 15000 / 35000 / 70000 / 150000. Aggression (yards): 2 / 2 / 2 / 2 Reduction in speed movement (%): 10% / 14% / 18% / 22% Time of debuff (seconds): 4 / 5 / 7 / 9 Player targets: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 Summoner Skill Forces all the monsters in the location summoned by the Call skill to attack the selected target, as well as increases the damage from their next auto attack and allows them to deal damage to all enemies within a certain radius. Type: Active Usage range: 4 yards Energy expense: 9 units Cooldown: 9 seconds Damage from auto attacks of "Call" increased (%): 25% / 35% / 45% / 55% Number of area damage given by auto attacks: 2 / 2 / 3 / 3 Yards of area damage given by auto attacks: 1 / 1 / 2 / 2
  6. First of all I want say the new rebalance is good, but not for chieftain type "HYBRID", we getting nerf with this: Dual Wield Specialization Added a 30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand. With this we getting a nerf, I know about elfs saying we are very stronger in damage killing their partys in t4 and t3 quests, but this is totally using pvp set even they not, I am freeplayer and since this character was released I play it, I think this nerf of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." Is totally bad! is very hard to get much magical damage, this update is just for rich people that can amp +10, my chieftain at the moment have 850 magical damage with guild, ring greatness, cape craft lvl30 and lvl32 amulet horror %, and I calculed after update of game i just will have 700 of magical damage, now look in aspect "PVP"... PVP ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect just work using physical damage because in aspect "PVE" we are stronger for criticals, then eagle is 60% of magical damage, imagine I have 700 magical damage 60% is 420 dealing magical damage, now count that 420 with -45% for resilience of enemy, it is 231 magical damage now count defense of enemy... Normally is -45% with penetration of 15% we got reduction of 30%, then (231 - 30%)= 162 of magical damage dealed, ok I will count ferocity +45% of damage dealed then is (162 + 45%= 239), we can see with this a chieftain can deal 239 magical damage with eagle eye per tick.... Do you think this fair? now let's see this "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." ¡SO BEAUTIFUL! PVE ASPECT The chieftain in this aspect is so good... Why I say this? well, I delicately armed each armor of my chieftain to try to achieve as much as possible and to serve with my relics, and well it is so good, critical hits are going good and strongers by the critical damage of the guild and well, I just can say we are good damagers because criticals hits but in aspect "PVP" I can't say it for the resilience.... Here's the other problem... Change of magical power in two-handed maces and spears For all two-handed maces and spears the value of magic power was increased by ~18% This new mechanism is good... but.... I still thinking on the same thing that I told before, we got nerfed in the aspect magical damage of 2 weapons of 1handed mace so this is one thing for make we don't become angry? For be good damagers in this class being magicals, ¿Are we obliged to use spears and 2handed maces? So ¿Can't we be hybrids? ¿Is this serious? SKILLS REWORKS Rugged Hide Reduced the skill’s duration: from 6 \ 8 \ 10 \ 12 seconds, to 6 \ 8 \ 9 \ 10 seconds. Is necessary to reduce the duration of skill? We are already weak class and for tears of sentinnels we are being nerfed? Even them have shields of long duration and much reduction damage and they don't think on their nerf? Frenzy Reduced the skill’s damage: from 40 \ 45 \ 45 \ 50 % of physical power to 40 \ 40 \ 45 \ 45 % of physical power. The skill will now additionally apply the “Stun” effect to the target for 2 \ 3 \ 3 \ 4 seconds if it’s under the effect of the “Thrashing” skill. Im totally agree with this rework, I don't think -5% of physical is bad, anyway it does a lot of damage, and I like the new stun skill, it is so good but here I come again... before I was talking about hybrid class nerf, you guys just buffing chieftain in the aspect pvp but being physical, not magical, with rework of "30% reduction in magical damage from a weapon in the left hand." we are already more destroyed because we become low damage being hybrids for this reason many that likes magical need become full magical and stop being hybrids, so they are losing the new rework of stun for long time and the people that likes full physical damage but still was hybrids they become full physicals with this update and they become weaks in pve because don't have area damage? Is this nerf will be granted for next update I just think I won't play anymore, it really hurts me, I am a freeplay because in my country I can't buy miracle coins so I get all with effort and I have 10 months saving a lot of things and making my chief stronger, then I finally built my chieftain for be stronger and we get nerf? So you telling that I have 10 months of my life threw to the trash just because sentinnels are crying all the time? And sorry I don't want touch this topic of sentinnels but ¡is the true! all the time we get any buff or we are strongers than sentinnels ¡they just cry for all! I really think this things I told is bad get fix because is very unfair for freeplayers, you guys making this very very good game become to game type "pay to win"? No bro... I no want this for a good game... Greetings and I really hope fix this as soon as possible...
  7. I only see no no no and no nobody use rogue character all of yours are ELFS wait bd nerf pls and buff rogue I love all that bonuses I put 9/10 1 Yes bcs in pvp rogues lose Dodge parameter and resistance is good for pve bcs not haves shield 2 Is a good idea is balanced for gvgs or 5x5 or pvps vs charmers Are you kidding?? so how rogues can use speed attack? you are elf, delete bd speed they are tanks no dmgs so Flurry of steel is 2 seconds is super useless how you can call it permastun?, and sounds nice combo bcs I hate when enemy blocks dodge or parry everthing, and 2 seconds with a combo for only ignore parry sounds nice Ok trickiest need a fix I tested it too when I put poison and I never get heal bcs hunter or another rogue removes my combo heal I hate it is cause of many of my deaths and I like that reworked frenzy and the name idk but I only show many rogues haters here for me all these buffs and fix rewors are fine rogue is super useless in gvgs come EU-Emerald make a rogue and see how they rejects you for chiefstains or aoe dmgs
  8. Anyway if the boss make block with 70-80k hp he heals like 10/15k imagine down 80k hp of the boss with just aoe skills, is very hard... The boss isn't hard to kill, just need a tank, and a warden or paladin is very good for that dungeon, I think having 1 warden, 1 druid or priest, 1 ranger, 1 blade dancer and maybe 1 templar is good for go
  9. When fix the error that the boss lvl32 heals each time get a block, like warden? Is very hard kill a boss with 300-350k hp, if have 10k/300k it heals like 25-30k hp, and answer me this, do you think I'll never make a block with 30k hp? Is impossible
  10. I have +50k cc saved So please don't disappoint me and don't take away my chance to get better things cause im F2P
  11. I hope cc chests drops expensive books ;-; I have 1 year saving cc for it don't disappoint me Aigrind please
  12. Anyway blade dancers make much damage, they are strongers, not easy to kill, and have many resist and stun, what do u want? more buff?
  13. No perma-stun? then what my eyes see? I think im blind lol
  14. Naaa I think not, here just elfs want to nerf mcs always, they just cry because 1 char and for that want nerf all side mc, but they don't see them, for talk about one class and say a good nerf or buff first need to play it before, for see how it is weak or stronger, like me, i have chieftain, in pvp magical damage is useless but I use for aoe damage and for heal myself, but making damage is very very bad, chieftains use cloth armor and it make it is more weak, i know theres rugged hide, but chieftain no have any type of stun, and we just have a resist that depends on the debuffs that we have and is low seconds anyway, then look blade dancer, they increases cd and have a resist that have a duration of 16 seconds and recharge is low base cd, and they have many other skill for resist and for many stuns, bro this is unfair, and they just talk for buff sentinnels and nerf mcs, just because we have a charmer that spawn many dogs?, look at them first and talk to us after please, thanks... ohhh wow, yesterday I published a post here about classes weak and classes strongers and got deleted? Really nice this game
  15. Anyone know good songs for enjoy horror lapse? please i want any reply me
  16. I hope that this year I buffed my cheiftain full was not a mistake ;-; I want make dgs
  17. Ok I will say I think, this classes are strongers, and other no. Templar: this guy have 4 control effects, can use cloth armor and that increases cd, so they can perma control enemy, and they have excesive damage stats like ilegal technique that makes 270% of physical damage and stun you for 4 secs at 4/4 and with good cd can make it many times in a fight, (MORE THAN CHIEFTAIN). Ahh and other thing I missed, vortisex skill is very very broken, I don't know why skill says that have a maximum of 6 players if always get that he can, I think this skill need be nerfed or just make stun 1 time, for wars is the best defensive and broken skill that i saw before, rogues or any body to body attack can't do nothing. Ranger: This guy does a lot of damage, and not only that, I think the blessing skill is broken, it does a lot of damage, with much % for do. Necromancer: This guy is good for pve, and isn't a lie that in pvp is very bad, skills like red serpent (basic) and nightmares (basic) and fear (expert) isn't good, because if inflict damage debuff can be destroyed. Blade Dancer: This guy, like all mc side say, need nerf, this guy have "low cd base" in their control and buff skills, they can use heavy armor, blades, and have shield, rush (stun, and resist all when rushing), Spirit of resistance is 3 stacks for 16 secs at 4/4 and with good cd because they have speed and cd skill, they can get cd recharge by 20 or 22 secs (BROKEN), they has sap (can put "Reaction Relic"), they has basic stun skill (inflict much damage and don't permit move an use skills), they has "Power of Blades" increases their autoattacks by 40% at 4/4 (with accesories and weapons can get much more), and they can use lvl32 heavy armor, so reduce damage received and increases their hp, and if hp is 50% of maximum they remove debuffs, what you guys want? They become inmortal? I hear of one friend that said blade dancer should have a skill that permits him heal, like rogue one or seeker one, and he said 45% of maximum hp....... ¡¡¡¿¿¿REALLY???!!! rogue can heal 30% of max hp and rogue is already a bad class, and want blade dancer become "best class" (sarcasm is really broken) and be inmortals? they make many stuns lol, he told me too a rogue without books, with 1200 damage winned a blade dancer of best guild of server full +10 with greatness and 10 books.... Like I said before... ¡¡¡¿¿¿REALLY???!!! Do you think I am stupid? Chieftain (the class I play): I know too much about this class, and like a good player I know the errors, this class has too much physic damage but magical damage isn't, I see many people that say chieftain kill a party using magical damage, this is lie, chieftain magic skills low %, I can say for pvp they can do low damage with magical (why? well chieftain depends on crits, that's why chieftain op just for it, eagle eye 60% of magical damage, now let's see, enemy has 50% resilience, and chieftain has 50% fero and 700 magical damage, 700*0.6=420 that is the damage they do, now calcule with resilience (50%) 420*0.5=210, resilience decreases enemy crit stat and crit damage, so having 50% resi u never will do one crit) here is where I want to see people saying chieftain is unfair... they use cloth armor so low damage reduction (people: ahh but they has Rugged Hide and decreases many damage!!, true, I think is good skill for him why? we don't have any stun skill guys), chieftain don't have stun skill just trashing that duration is low secs, Resist skill is good because resist all that receibe and increases their seconds if before applying remove debuffs (example: skill 4/4, remove 4 debuff and duration is 6 secs, if remove debuff duration is increased, so if u have 4 debuffs and use skill, skill duration increases to 10 secs, I think not bad but like i say, blade dancer is broken too many secs and low cd). Death Knight: This guy need buff defensive skills for be more tanker and no depend on vamp for tank, because if he goes mermen dungeon he needs a healer 100%, not like barb, my barb can do mermen dungeon without healer and full damagers), and skills of stun need increase base cd because they can perma stun u easely with some cd stat. Paladin: This guy have op shield that need be nerfed, he heals him a lot with low cd with their cd stat, they have a skill that don't permit move or do anything, and with lvl32 armor they can increase hp stat a lot + shield skill is impossible to die. Charmer: yeah im doing one of this class, I know this make many damage with dogs and can be 3 in 1 (damager, tank, healer), I think this need a few of nerf on dogs, like just can spawn 4 dogs as max, because this class isn't good at anything, that's why people use dogs on this, if they become healer is unfair, because hp skill that increases crit and crit healing using on allies effect gived is 50%, being tank is good because use magical heal and what? they don't have any skill for decrease damage, I know of a friend that can get 14k def with expert skills, and 17k with relic but just if enemy resist, of all, is like a death knight can't be good tank, so if nerf some part of dog, please buff part of tank and heal please. Rogue: This guy need much buffs urgent, and need decrease their damage of the skill of trow knife it make a lot of damage have low cd base, but of all this guy need any resist skill and any aoe decrease accuracy like templar one, if this class is a stealer or a dodger, why it isn't in 2-3-4-5-6vs1? Druid: this guy, as I said in other classes, need increase base cd stun and buff skills, because they can perma stun you and make much damage too. Well this is I think of some class of the game, I really you guys consider my ideas because is broken some class please
  18. Well, I'll like if druid put more base cd on stun skills, due it can permanent on enemies, and I think it need be nerfed in Patronage in the aspect pvp
  19. Other thing about blessing i think need be, it need be low dmg, rangers always kill u at arena easy by that skill it has a lot of dmg
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