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  1. That take so much time... Only for Guild news... I don't want we Ayvondil update... If Guild's news take 2hours.. New map will take how much? 3days..? Please work fast :P we want play :tease: Thanks for your job :pleasantry: but work fast :pleasantry: :rofl:
  2. People really don't have life... :bad:
  3. Wildhammer


    My PayPal have problem since 1week, "System Unavailable. Try later." >:D I'm alone to have this problem? :cray:
  4. The question is who own it ? Because if you look at the name you can see clearly Vomm Spanish Mercurial and other good player of mc side. So maybe all joke, or maybe "anonymous" want the saturation of the server :unknw: :wacko: really I don't know
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