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  1. I don't get this update, I downloaded latest client from official site, v3.13.0, but I only have 3 professions available, magic weapons melee weapons and ranged, no armors, nothing. I did all daily quests today, killed about 1000 mobs, no resources looted, no catalysts found, killed sea monster and garr shag a few times, nothing. When I try to disassembly an item, on any item I try, disassembly button is dark and inactive I can't do anything. can anyone explain what the hell?
  2. We want our cards back!!!!!! How come some people did get them back and we didn't? Unfair, I will not waste more time at joker!!!
  3. Hey devs, I just wanted to share this small idea, I know that many people here faced such problems like going to labyrinth to farm some boss and finding another party there already, it's really a huge disappointment cause it usually ends up with fights of one party not willing to share the boss with another, and killing each other... getting to those bosses takes some time as well.. So it would be nice, if there were announcements after each boss kill (only from lab bosses), when the boss is killed (example, INFO: Player (party leader name) and his party killed (boss name) at (current time). at info chat. So people would know, if someones farming the boss already, or who to pm to ask if they're willing to help with the labyrinth daily quest :) thank you for your time reading this
  4. Omg this is getting really annoying, almost EVERYDAY Ebur at elf side sapphire, begs for items ALL day spamming trade and world chat, he's getting on my nerves and he just won't stfu!!!! Here are some screenshots, please mute him for at least a month, even that wouldn't stop him!!!
  5. He already made a lot of damage to our economy, there aren't any rare items at dealer, everyones rich, I think the only way out would be rollback...
  6. Why aren't devs doing anything about it????? Now Rikin is giving out gold, at dealer cheapest signs are 22k, and soon there won't be any other rare items at all! :bad: :bad: GMS DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!
  7. Xperia Mini ST15i On 4.0.4/4.1.2 runs smooth, but in horizontal mode sometimes it runs with low fps As well after minimizing the game, on chat all the text you write is white and unclear, force close fixes the issue, but as soon as I minimize it gets the same. And since the screen is 480x320 and 3 inches, it's pretty hard to play with small UI PC version Runs smooth, but you should really work on the in-game graphics
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