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  1. Actually I'm kinda happy that high levels don't get t1 t2 t3 quests anymore, those quests were annoying, and since now you get more easy quests at new maps of ayvondil, I don't see how is that a problem
  2. So do we need rotten garden easy normal hard heroic quests as well to get quests at new locations?
  3. Guild name AFRO, server SA-PEARL, MC side http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=113268.0 Thanks
  4. AFRO I'm proud to present you the only active English speaking guild of SA-PEARL, mc side We are always recruiting new active players so if you are one, let us know! Requirements to join: Level: Any lvl Gp/week: 1k on a normal week, 5k on tournament Guild info: Guild level: 1 Guild physical defence buff: 3/3 Our vip members: Lowheal-Leader Voons-Heir Lmmk-Heir Anazz-Heir Woldemar-Heir Metaldiego-Explorer Emlagaday-Explorer
  5. He's just messing with you cause the servers are down he's lost and his life is over
  6. All I said was that there are too many quests to do, you're odd.
  7. lol are you kidding me, I like to quest and I make 1-2k gp a day, the thing is at this point I'd be questing all day and night cause the quests just don't end
  8. When will they stop? :unknw: I'm not even questing anymore since they just keep resetting
  9. Why is SA-PEARL again and still offline? :unknw: wtf is going on with that server?
  10. Please give me more free potions I already used up last ones you gave
  11. If by weak you mean most damage dealing class that kills enemies in instant then yes, it's weak :)
  12. Farming granite guard with 237 heal and 1596 defence, all you need is high critical and some resilience otherwise you'll die of bosses crits, don't miss heals and you're good to solo almost any boss
  13. Forget about decent updates guys, this game is all about money now, they don't care about your opinions or of how to make this game better, it's a money machine to them.
  14. Their ways of sucking out money from people are pretty much obvious, differences between 1st and 2nd place rewards are 400cc, and for 3rd you only get 400cc, they want to make it even more of a competition, for people to fight over it wasting huge amounts of real money. I'm afraid to think of what will be the 20lvl set item prices. And don't expect for the new island to come out soon, it won't until there are enough people with 20lvl +10 items, only then they will keep releasing more, and more stuff for you to amp, just as they said, they will be releasing it partly, few levels added each update. :)
  15. Phones running on java do not have enough ram, nor a fast enough cpu to run the game smoothIf that's what you meant
  16. I won't be spending any money on this game until they start making reasonable updates, level cap is still the same and where is the island you promised us? I don't know what you devs want but it seems to me that soon you will start losing money and players
  17. True that, now there is no point of doing cc quests, rather just join for a tournament one week and get the amount of cc that would take months to get by questing
  18. They totally ducked us up, same stupid costumes, no crimson corrundums, thank you for wasting two weeks of our precious time.
  19. So no more costumes? CC replaces them? or gold? I don't get it
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