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  1. Minions provide some help in many ways, but they last for only 2 minutes. Since minions die easily I think that minions should last forever until they die.
  2. Minions provide help in may ways, but only last for 20 minutes, which really shouldn't happen like that. Since they are fairly weak anyway, I think that minions should last forever until they die ;)
  3. A lot of people complain about which class should do which pvp signal, and it gets to the poit where people are arguing back and forward about which signal is accepted. There should be a pvp signal for all players, and its the same for all players. Non aggressive, tactical, or defensive, it just signifies that you want pvp.
  4. Minion summoning scrolls = increased ganking :( Knowledge and gladiator scrolls = Hell yeah 8) Carpetlick---some realm---lvl 894723947256
  5. Fixed it, the character count with spaces included it 3983 =P
  6. I,ve thought more and realized if its done like arena, rouges will kick major ass... Bladedancers and Paladins will suck ass being they have 0 range power :cray:
  7. On the contrary, whop will die the easiest?
  8. But if this comes true, guilds cant take advantage of noobs
  9. Time for the overall mass to decide which faction is the strongest at pvp
  10. Will the snow boundries return as they were? I was only a lvl 4 when they first came out so I could not have enjoyed them like others could have, but now that I am a 20, I want to return to actually explore and get the drops that enemies drop.
  11. Well, not really that correct. I do agree there are a whole shitload of of shamans in 2v2 arena, but there are also large number of of rangers, and as you should know, a ranger is at the top of 2v2 arena. But warlocks are not really a problem for me and my blade dancer kills most warlocks I come in contact with (of course, there are a few pros that can kill me).
  12. I hate farming for hours getting only basic stuff like spheres or nothing at all. Perhaps make more frequent drops of a desired object or just add more frequent dropping lesser items.
  13. Pvp is a very popular aspect of Warspear, but lately, more people are ganking which is really pissing more and more people off. There should be an option to 1v1 pvp any player, team or enemy, that you find. And, of course, you can set regulation to not get people who are much much better or people who are much much worse than you. :good:
  14. After the War of the Spear had ended, many warriors had gotten lost within the dark parts of Irslenort and had become filled with confusion and fear. Most died and were never heard from again, though folk tales will indicate otherwise. One sorcerer in particular, parched and confused, had lost all hope to finding his way back to known areas, and had in some ways even welcomed death. He was greatly skilled in the arts of dark magic, but even now his magic could not save his life. He walked for days, and alas, he had stumbled up an ancient sancturary. He had not wanted to enter, but with little hope of surviving anymore in the wilderness, he had went inside. Here, he had at first not went far due to the absence of light and lack of knowledge of what the stronghold held within its walls.The place seemed old and he sensed somthing strange. He made a small light of magic and stayed within seeing distance of the entrance, to run just in case any creatures or enemy soldiers had already occupied the stronghold. Unsure of what to do next, he had lay down and had fallen asleep fast. After minimal rest, he had regained a small amount of sanity, but it had been replace with hunger. It gnawed at his stomach and left him in pain. He was about to exit to hunt for food, but some thing inside of him had made him want to go deeper into the stronghold. He personally did not want to, but the force had sensed earlier had returned. It quickly was so strong, he could not resist the strange and powerful desire to locate its source. He lit a brighter light and started to go deeper into the stronghold. He looked around and saw nothing to indicate that it had ever been occupied except for a few statues that had strangely felt alive and a few rotted skelatons every now and then. He had wondered how recent the death of their owners had been, but there was minimal smell that indicated that it was not recent. A strange feeling had occured that the statues were watching him, wanting to to go further in. The powerful force made urge to go deeper in get stronger and stronger, but he could not help the feeling that he was walking into a trap. But if so, why had he not already ended up like the skelatons he is seeing, did he posess a certain ability to draw away the the potential danger. Or was he supposed to go to the force, but what could it possibley be? Though his hunger grew, he very soon forgot about it and it had been replaced with great fear and an unimaginable overpowering desire to find out what seemed to be almost calling his name. He sensed a great evil because as he had looked back, he only saw blackness, like a wall had formed. Though it may have been his mind playing tricks, he saw a little movement in the darkness. He went further on and came to another door, and without any hesitation, he had entered through, and continued his journey, seeing many very strange objects. His journey led him into a very large room that contained for pillars with crescents on top, a giant statue of a serpent and a mysterious alter. He walked to the alter and saw what looked like ancient spells of the dead. He did not recognize them, but knew the language and felt that they were very powerful. His desire erupted like a volcano to cast the spells, but now he knew this all had been a terrible idea, that this had been the source that attracted him the whole time, that he should never had followed the path that led him here, that he was supposed to cast these spells the whole time, and that now there was no way out. He looked at the spells, fear ripping through his body, only to be overpowered by the need to read them. He then casted the many spells engraved on the ancient altar. He felt a strong surge of dark power fill his entire body, making him much more powerful than he could have ever imagined, and tried to control the evil that had possesed his soul. Now being and all powerful and deadly being, supported by pure evil, he was known as the Demoligist.
  15. actually I try to do it 1 to 3 times a week, and my team mates very possibley know who I am
  16. ;D I love trolling people at the T1, and I won't tell which, and I would love to read posts of how you killed at the opposing T1 or stopped a guy from doing so ;D .
  17. Well, perhaps just weaken it, cuz without it, druids will never win a pvp. Weaken it it replace it with a damage spell.
  18. Wow, he ganked, so impressive. He remember me, im carpetlick, i killed u near armor cliff ;D
  19. No, this will help gankers get away, and in general will only hugely benifit rangers. :sorry:
  20. Ok, there should be a system where when someone of your guild kills someone of the opposing team(ie Elf kills MC or Forsaken Kills Elf), that guild should get points based on the lvl of the guy killed, lvl 17 gets 17 points and so on, and the guilds will be listed from highest to lowest, the best few guilds will get good benifits( costume, gold, mcoins). The killed enemy does not need to be in a specific guild or any guild what so ever. Thank You ;D
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