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    you changed the template nice :)
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    Fast to die

    dont compare with different games. its good that this game is unique.let it be like that.
  3. bd and barb gets a lot of physical defence from chain armour but less magical resistance so if druid attacks they do a lot of damage since druids does magic dmg.lets just hope all the class r balanced and none are overpowered.
  4. Mr Awwww....... everybody likes you
  5. i know for sure barbarians can use 2h axe and wear chain armour but 2h swords im not sure. have to w8 for the update and see.
  6. FAQ 1)will we get exp from doing quests and killing mobs or just quest? --- Just quests. 2)Does the change of leveling system from rep>lvl mean our character will go back to lvl1? ---No, your character will be the lvl equivalent of your current rep. 3)Are there any new skills bieng implemented in this update? ---No 4)if someone has already subscribed many days before warspear became free ,will they get miracle coins as compensation? ---Yes 5)Can rogue use bow or 2h swords or is there any change in this char balance? ---No, We will collect feedback and make classes more balanced with the new skills which will be implemented in the future updates before we open Arena. 6)What does this mean "Magc schools are now consistant with the history of arinar universe"? ---This means that no more fire, ice, dark, nature and light magic. The number of schools will be reduced, they will have different names. Naturally, the accumulation of power in a school will affect the ability of the character. I think that we will publish an explanatory article on the subject after the release. 7) how much does miracle coins cost? ---We will publish the real numbers of currency ("Spears") exchange in the day of release. You will find them in a shop. 8)where is the miracle shop located? ---It will be located right in your main menu's lower left corner. You will not have to go somewhere to buy new stuff. 9)So Rogues will be the weakest class after update as they cant use bows or 2h weapons? ---Rogues will not be a weak class, of course! all characters will be balanced. 10)can blade dancer use 2h swords? ---No,but they can wear chain armour. 11)who can use 2h axe and 2h swords? ---2h axe barbarian and 2h swords barbarians and probably by blade master evolved class of bd in future update. 12)will defense and health attributes from items work after update? ---probably yes. 13)can runes and crystal be bought from shops or just dropped by bosses? ---they can be bought from miracle shop aswell as is dropped by bosses. 14)will areana be implemented in this update ? ---no.arenas will be implemented after all classes r balanced and skill are released. 15) is there any limit for the friends list? ---yes 30 16)is the game still free? ---yes.but you can buy miracle coin for real money 17)what are the availabe payment methods? ---paypal and sms 18)whats the third bar below the energy bar used for? ---experience progress 19)what will happen to the skill levels after the transition from ranks to levels?will the skill levels be reset? ---It is difficult to clearly answer this question - in the upcoming versions customers will be completing the transition from leveling through the application of skills to another system. More details to follow later. 20) unanswered questions 1)whats the max lvl? 2)what is crimson corundum? 3)is the island of aivondill available now?will there be any new quests? 4)is the bug that cause all the party members to crash when one members dies fixed? 5)
  7. 1-again read the old posts first .many have asked this question.(paypal and sms) 2- idk
  8. i know the lvlng is same i wanted to know how the skill levels r alloted. ex- at lvl 5 what will be the max skill lvl? anyways ill w8 for the update to find out.i was just curious.
  9. How will the skill leveling system going to work nw? since 5 ranks of rep is bieng changed to 19+lvls, how does the 40lvls of spell increase? i really hope you guys increase the inventory space as soon as possible. with a lot of items( bought using gold and mirace coins) bieng released along with various enchants(runes/crystals) there hardly will be any space left.pls try increasing by next update(mid august).maybe make this a paid feature it doesnt affect the game balance or anything, its a just a general necesssity.(you can make a lot of money too:D) ps its just a suggestion.
  10. barbarians use 2h axe. blade masters(future update) can use 2h swords. correct me if im wrong.
  11. u remember livestock?? i got a question about a feature in upcoming update is there any limit for friends list? :D
  12. i just noticed a third bar below the mana/energy bar in the screenshot.what is it for? exp progress or something else? hey alizee remember me?? :D
  13. really nice update atleast good enough to get me playing again for few weeks. :D Since it version 1.0 does it mean warspear officially completed the "BETA" stage?? i will try my best to support the game by buying items, hope they are worth it though.
  14. Edge

    Upcoming update

    you misread it striderman he/she was talking about facebook not firstborn
  15. search all the barrels and chests lying around .its in one of them. after finding it you will come to knw who stole go speak to him and return to meegan. (im not really sure about this but try it i remember doing some quest like this. )
  16. Edge


    wait for them to implement the skills in game then you will come to know.
  17. there are arena's in the game for 1vs1 or 2vs2 battles or whatever the dev are planning, it will be implemented in future. if needed they could also allow players from same faction to fight against eachother.
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