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  1. Turn off capslock lol. Nie mozesz nauczyc sie tych skilli na aktualnym etapie gry. Moze update cos zmieni.. W koncu rogue musi byc kiedys zdolny do uzywania lukow, bo aktualnie luki w mc sa chyba na tylko na pokaz lol.
  2. I agree! Chat between faction is must!
  3. Hi, Everyone know that rogue class is the worst/weakest class in game now. Our skills/atk power suck compare to other class, and speed/other buggy stats dsnt really help us. Actually our skills are useless now but it dsnt matter. I want to sugest that dual-sword skill should affect both weapons (right hand included) to balance the game.. Right now even all other class's in game can kill us easy at 1vs1 fight.. Its cool when everyone deal 50-100dmg per hit while rogue did 30max. It suck. But is only my opinion about it.. ps: or just give us bow skill! Bows at shops in mountain clans are created for fun i think., nobody can use them anyway.
  4. Thanks for help. I didnt do anything, after few hours "!" reappear above wolf pit, n i end that quest without any more problems. Topic can be locked. :)
  5. I think mobs was named survivors or something.. 1 green crown silver rank but im not sure about it. N here is the place: PS: I cant enter this dungeon without quest. PS2: my friend said he meet one guy (diablntv most probably) who get same problem as me. Oh!
  6. Oh that quest was on 2nd island not first.. :P
  7. Hi, I got weird problem.. Before update at 2nd island i got quest where i should go to wolf pit n kill some bad mobs.. After update when my quests get wiped out i cant find that quest anymore..There is any problems, or im just too lazy to search more carefully? :P
  8. Jestem pewien, że płatność przez sms będzie dostępna, ponieważ w wersji Beta gry istniała taka opcja. Trzeba czekać. :)
  9. 1. Old Nokia n95 FP1 2. Bad, because game still crash on my mobile and i cant extend my account subscription with "PayBySms" option (nothing show on "select days to extend" window). I hope upcoming update will fix that problems. :)
  10. R3van


    Tak, gra jest p2p.. Pierwsze 5 dni jest darmowe..
  11. Server: Emerald (before servers merged) Mountain Clans Rogue Nick R3van (i dont play untill update)
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