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  1. Ok who thinks devs should give us surprise chest once a month? would u want them? or does randomely getting them make it more exciting? :yahoo:
  2. i want a playstation 4... and as far as the xbox 1 goes just remember playstation did that 14 years ago.... :yahoo:
  3. thanks debuffer i be back soon i promise.. on another note i dont know many elves but my 3 for them would b sacredtear wildbabe and pvprange... now i know pvprange can b cocky but he deserves it bc he is as good as he says...
  4. ok thank you very much for answering and the speed of the replies.. This is truly a great game thanks for creating it
  5. yes sir sorry about that. I was wandering if you could make this game available for consoles like playstation or xbox, for example playstation network has an online game thats free to download like warspear is all you need is internet my question is - is it possible to take this game to the next level and it be possible to download on consoles and if so would that be something you would consider.. Im just curious and would like to hear opinions about it. Thank you
  6. US-Sapphire / this is for devs« on: 11 September 2013, 18:41:17 »I got a question, is there a way you can branch out beyond phones and computers? And If so would you consider it? just curious thank you........
  7. of course u would put ur name on there panchens i will say by now im sure ur the most respected out of everyone else as far as the rabbits r concerned.... oh and that would b 1 point for me so HA im winning ;D
  8. my three for mc would b demontear debuffer and sergio as for elf im not too sure
  9. Xbanditx


    ancient times r fun i like super nitendo i miss mario ::)
  10. i do like halo but idk i just dont like the controller layout plus xbox overheats to much. The one thing i will like xbox over playstation is on xbox while ur playing u can listen to music that u put on the hard drive. playstation dont do that and i wish they would
  12. lol all the way i agree have u heard what the new xbox is doin it has to b hooked up 24/7 they said playstation has won the war b4 it ever started
  13. playstation or xbox which is better? me personally i like playstation
  14. Xbanditx


    lol playstation is better ;D
  15. Xbanditx


    hey everyone its been awhile since i been on here. My phone broke so i will be back as soon as i get a new one. On another note if anyone has black ops 2 for ps3 friend me my id is bama2728.... alright i gotta go have fun playin and good luck amping, hope to see yall soon bye
  16. Panchen u can't even kill rabbits so what u talking bout :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P
  17. Juoppo hey man sry i haven't been on for the last couple of days but i be back tomorrow so have some stuff lined up that u need help with. And on other note i hope they keep this pic dk awesome
  18. Yo panchens that's alright but um tell me why u run from me so much? Im harmless right? :-D:-D
  19. I be back soon then we will arena everyone and be unstoppable and save some for me i buy some.
  20. Who else likes when new menu screen??? I love it :-D:-D:-D
  21. We r not going to b called that :fool:
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