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  1. Yes pop ups should be removed as well as the game telling me i have not enough hp/mana for this skill. I can tell when I'm dead tyvm :facepalm:
  2. I think this topic is relevant, because it is an issue where people do take offence from these kind of names. Personally, I've got no problems with it, but i find it awkard calling players "pornograph, fackuu" etc. It was just the way i was brought up.. I agree that if players are allowed to tempory ban others, that system will be abused.
  3. Hehe i don't really play as a mc, I'm a loyal elf :blush: and yes the sooner the better! :yahoo:
  4. I missed you too crossfit :sorry: You were like the first mc i ever spoke to, and you were totally cool to hang out with! Now that i made a shaman, you tried helping me out for cl even with all those elves blocking ;D Great to see you at pvp cave again! :friends: P.s. punching damages armor :bad:
  5. hey yasir :drinks: :friends: i asked the devs about my forum account and they told mw to just make a new one... so tada!! thanks to those awesome people at support I'm on! :yahoo:
  6. You guys can get pass the stairs if there's this HUGE war going on. I managed to get pass the stairs and made it almost to dinalt until i got ganged by 2 lvl 14s . The stairs were only guarded by a single ranger. Sooo... make a huge war, go under nadir, sneak out by the stairs, and just run run run! All the elves would be too busy trying to kill the distraction that they ignore the loners. Did it on my shammy when i was just bored of standing at pvp cave p.s. don't ask hassn to be a distraction, you fooled us once but not anymore!
  7. The problem with pvp cave is that a lot of noobs gang you just because they can. When i go there with my lvl 14 ranger the low lvls gang me, then when i switch to druid and kill them, they ask why i killed them ... Even if we have more players in the cave, if there's a gang of disturbers, and many people who continue to kill them, it doesn't slove the problem. Its just a war inside the cave. Devs can't do anything about pvp cave, because its us people who created such an area in the first place. No matter where you go to have your pvps, there will always be gangers/jumpers/disturber
  8. Hey roland/snorlax, i was wondering if you guys could change my name to pheonixfly? i know there's another one, cause i created it, but i couldn't active it or something. It would be great if you could delete it and change this one p.s. you guys at support are awesome:D i enquiried about this and you guys checked it out emailed me, said i should make a new one and tada! thumbs up to you!
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