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  1. Lol i can see the priest aura there . Wid two ice queens .
  2. thank you for the advice i think i am gonna apply it :P . And daggers are too fast :P and nice dps too
  3. now thats better , atleast i dont need to keep hopes . Ill switch my phone
  4. Roland , wht do u think will the ws team clear out the crashing problem on symbian ? i just need a simple reply to my question in 'yes' or 'no' . Pls dont tell the team is trying .
  5. i was curious about the new skills of bd . (1) wht is the stun rate or an approximation of stun rate of bds manual rush on lvl 1/4,2/4,3/4,4/4 (2) how much damage does the shield of bd consume at lvl 1/4,2/4,3/4,4/4 with 4k physical damage and 4k magical damage (reaction on both damages ) (3) whts d damage of sonic boom at lvl 1/4,2/4,3/4/4 with 400 physical damage . It wud be great if u can show me the calculations . Last but not the least wht skill build u wud sugest for a lvl 22 bd for pvp wid daggers .
  6. I have spoilt a lot of android fone by playing ws . And symbian resolution is good .
  7. When the update 4.1:0 was launched symbian was working very smoothly without any crash or lagg . Except for avyondil , there were a lil bit crashes in avyondil but rest all were fine . after the 9kb maintanance ruined it again . Now avyondil is a far story , warspear is crashing in swamps as well :/ Do something gm i was having fun doin swamps . . I hope u find a solution for it . Thank You
  8. Thank you for the update all the game developers .Peter_munk , is symbian gonna be fixed ? I mean the crash on entering the other map or area ?.
  9. Even im facing d same ish , and this problem has not yet solved . On top of it my char gets stuck at avyondil , and ws crashes every now and then in swamps , irslenort sometimes also becomes the reason for crash while entering the towns or a crowded place etc. *Irritated* chutiyagiri hai benchod. .
  10. My nokia e5 is going on downloading the update . My browser has already downloaded 40mb and downloading , its not stopping . Wht shud i do ? Any advice wud be appriciated
  11. from that thirty days some cc quest which carry 10 cc is impossible or very hard to do in one or two days period of time so its not even 400cc ducking wid one week ppl will earn crazy cc . Im gonna stop playing high lvls now onwards only low lvl arena s . Its not even competiton now between mcoin buyers and non mcoin buyers.
  12. Lol . My bd easily whoops rouge wid amps double as me . I use my rush as a stun at first before rouge does anything [my rush skill 3/4 stun rate around 90% idk ] and den before the rouge cud gouge me to go stealth i hamstring him XD the rouge stunned for another 3 to 4 secs :P . Game over after that if i just atk him widout using any other skill he will be dead :D. belive me bd is fun . It can kill casters too wid full dodge build deadlines and accuracy wid arena gears and mdef wid a decently amped daggers. Dont talk abt barbs and dks they are just dirt of bds hands XD [exagarated a bit ] .
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