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  1. Ull know me when you see me xd But vacation soon, and work.... Char will prolly be ready around september or so, still taking questing slow, no rush.. But yeah, am curious about sapphire lvl 14 scene. Would love to learn/see more of other lvl 14s, if you care to share (http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/46767-level-14-arena-community/?p=853890)
  2. But i do, more or less xd I'll post my mage stats again one of these days, and here you can find my sham stats (http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php/topic/46767-level-14-arena-community/?p=853890) But my sets are more or less balanced, imo atleast
  3. yep, but balance even better, When you hit why not a crit
  4. On old forums i made a similar topic, but yeah all got lost, i ragequit and didn't bother with remaking the same one... Up until now that is. So with this now, I am restarting a lvl 14 community here and i hope we can have fun, exchange experiences, pick flowers together.. and all the other sassy and sissy things that go along with the above mentioned ones. Before anyone starts dissing and saying ''Oooooh theres many topics about 14 arena, u suck noob read.... '', YES, i know there are and i take part in some of them. But I notice that quite often, the chat there goes off topic, so in order to ''clean'' that up a bit, I'm starting this again. This is a place where we can summarize all our lvl 14 experience from the game on any server and any faction. Not necessarily about arena, you are free and I encourage you to post anything that has to do with lvl 14. From gear, hunts and dungeons to yeah, arena results. Screenshots, videos, facts... Everything is welcome^^ Discuss, comment, arrange raids/hunts/arena and have fun. Just please, try restrain yourselves from full out arguments and beefs, lets keep this a nice and comfy place. I will start first then. Among others, this is my lvl 14 shaman on EU, the stats and gear on physical and magic def sets. Figure out which is which, im open for suggestions and critique if it's in good will^^
  5. Actually crit is good for healers (crit heals), and also for anyyone else, if doesnt mean you badly sacrifice some other stat for high crit. But high crit, balanced set is easy to make, depending on class ofc is what will it look like and what you use it for. My mage for example has about 17% crit on phys set, same as my sham. However mages mdef set gives me 22.1% crit, and its not max still, need charm belt. But thats just me, i know why i made it like that, my other stats that matter for pvping a caster dont suffer and it all works just as i hoped it would... Point is, crit is very good at lower lvls, since the lack of resi there, but only if your other stats wont be affected. Kinda pointless to have 40% crit, if you have 2% accu and barely hit, no? xd
  6. Might become that one day, why not. For now just for me and my gf lol still gotta lvl up, and our goal is lvl 14, wont go higher. Also the guild is made, so this topic is done for now far as my concern. Ty Demontear
  7. Yeah got a lvl 4 lock, and got everything ready to make a guild, besides char lvl 12 lol
  8. I know whose help ill accept, this topic is more like looking for someone who is willing to, anyone....lol
  9. Thats kinda the point lol since we lvling to 14 only, to gather gp from 3-12 too
  10. That and also letting rogues use swords. Losing the point of having different classes lol See other MMO's, Rogue uses swords, knights and such crap use spears, swords and all the other ''heavier'' crap... Rogues should be restricted to knives, bladedancers to swords and tank classes to swords, axes and other 2h(1h) weaps. (wont go now into detail about pala using mace or spear or axe or cucumber...)
  11. Well the situation is this. I am an EU player, got no higher level character on sapphire but started making a character along with my gf. So, we decided to make a guild. However, being lvl 4, that is not possible yet for us. Therefore, good people of Sapphire, I'm looking for someone who has a higher lvl MC and is willing to help by creating a guild for us. Of course, we got the resources needed, gold and unity signs, and we will provide those along with the name of the guild. That's why there is ''trusted'' in the title, i wont agree to anyone ''helping'' since earning gold is rather hard on a new server( or expensive) so got no interest in getting scammed. If you are willing to help out, can msg me here or on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/chickenfly.warspear) and we will agree all in personal messages. Thanks in advance^^
  12. Yeah i know, but meant that, will it be possible. Thanks for the reply....sigh..
  13. No surprise there, but can you explain the ''charming'' of penetration and resilience? It will be possible to enchant those on boots,helm and accessories now, or you meant something else?
  14. Could you just explain what is the mistake? The disconnect or being able to use resilience on those items? Will we be able to enchant those items after the update or will it be disabled like it was before? Also old season winners still have arena buffs even tho they werent in top 5 this season, is a bug i think?
  15. If 1989 in your name means ur born in 1989, then shes 10 yrs younger than you (and underaged) js lol Sry to break it to you this way :/
  16. Idk, spamming about wanting to play seems quite pointless to me when it was told it will be available asap. Like you guys said, be patient. Thats what i meant, thank you. I just don't see the point replying to posts like yours since there is about 19020019275182 of them. Everyone wants to play, everyone is ''desperate'' to play...we all know that.. Rather post something useful that might help you play sooner than cry around about it..
  17. Question Peter, no offence. But why do you reply to pointless posts like that one, and none about the ''bugs'' or possible bugs players report?
  18. See to the enchant problem, if they are meant to be in miracle shop. Because they weren't for those brief few minutes i saw.
  19. There is no rune and cristal? For cooldown and life steal, i cant seem to find them, or i misunderstood something New crystals and runes Crystal of Agility - increase skills cooldown Vampirism Rune - adds «Health stealing» bonus
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