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  1. again someone talking without sense at his place... no one asked u cookies nothing! u too talking ANOY as usually? 

    He is right. Even though I can't speak russian, I don't think it's a important matter. :nea: By the way, you do realize that doing that would greatly increase the admins' workload, I hope? ::) And you can always use google translator, unless you're too lazy to Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V  :crazy:

  2. >.> that won't cut it tho.

    Would be better if the damage depended on the opponents dmg, magical or physical, depends which is higher. +Magic attacks should have a smaller chance to counter, because using banner or totem may cause dmg to the user[Not bd].(idk if its true, just guessing)

    Lol, that one I agree. BD is a goddamnit melee class, why/how tf can you counter something like a magic atk from 5+ yards away when you're a melee class, should just make magic atks parryable. And about the totem stuff, yes, it is countered by the skill.

    This is simply my humble opinion, as a Legion player. Oh, and I forgot to mention: make counter dodgeable, 'cause, for real, I'm not up for receiving a bunch of 1k crits using daggers (for dps) and die without even being able to dodge. That's bullshit, y'now. 

    -Tiberium, a rather insatisfied regular.


  3. Hi everyone, so im playing Rogue lv7, and i just want to know how to up level fast? I cant kill boss in some quest cause i play alone. My realm is EU-Emerald.

    Also keep in mind that "progressing" and "leveling up fast" are different cases, so you'd better be ready to be working harder to lv up later on. Also having a friend to help is really great. That's, by the way, one of the points I like in Warspear: It's rather easy to find a few nice people to befriend and lvl up with, which is a really nice way to progress in game (Warspear social system is really simple and fun, so try to make many friends!).

  4. skill of range bitterness

    only buffs when u hit normal shot, if you delay ur normal because you use skill sorry for you you can earn it al mobs hit sometimes faster or fast as you if you miss shot sorry for you too, if you use ut in dg lol all mobs hit you all deducted

    if you use slow bow like crossbow pls dont try to learn this skill, noob thing i dpnt think they think before putting it in game,

    and 1 thing, if you reach 8 or 9 or 10

    lol just a sec it will go down faster even u dont get hit,

    all dont learn this skill it only waste your gold and mcoins for book oblivion

    re balance it noob it cost a lot of skill points but suddenly so noob penalty on deduction?

    if you want devs make thise skill of us count on buffs

    damn so disappointed

    Bro, you must be new here. Otherwise you would know that we must never expect much from devs. But yea, ranger new expert skill seems shitty. Btw, without offense, but try a little harder to make it easier to understand your posts. Devs cant do nothing if they dont get what you mean.
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