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    F**k u clan & guild anonymous... :) I always proud to be in same place with u, legionn.. But u dissapoint me.. When I wanna leave, u forbid me.. When I always stay beside u, u kick me out.. :) Thx for the f**king time & kick.. :)
  2. Lol that link is useless cz we cant join group from that link... :P
  3. Macomaco?? Omg,, macomaco & hohola = scammer... Always pm ask for my chars .... --" If clan member know there's scammer in our clan,, pls dont add them to be member, boss.. :( Btw, boss... Can my ranger join?? Xkatex - 16 ranger, soon 17.. Tq, wise man.. ^^
  4. Idk bout u at all... But we'll pray for u.. R.I.P..
  5. Congratz both.. Especially for weezyart (cz I know him).... ^^ Wise man ever: legionn.. ^^ Thx for everything, boss..
  6. See with ur ****ing eyes ;)
  7. Funny ppl here (or no brain)... After jumped on this post,, ask battles (wasting my time for that),, now u who jumped in still stay here?? I not reply bout 2 days (maybe) and u guys didnt realize that I not expecting u here, lol.. And now u said that xher = unite = same person?? Use ur brain.. ;) I was not reply whatsapp cz my credit 0 .. (I was make a phone call + farm lab, & when I wanna reply whatsapp, my credit 0) Hollysh*t, haha.. So what now?? Use ur brain (if u have).. Zzz
  8. Btw, my bf even me not a gambler.. Like u... ;) Lol..
  9. Lol.. I said poley noob cz attack me when I help questor, thats why noob (not in right time)... Haha.. And so what, ladygigi (gigi means teeth) lol.. U wanna be respectful?? Try to other ppl first.. Zzz
  10. im ready to pvp both of them :)
  11. So what if u can kill lv 20 when u lv 14?? Lol.. Idc with that anyway.. :P Lol, u love to be noob?? Use ur brain before type.. ;) Zz..
  12. Ya, I hate jumper.. Lol..
  13. @keiz.. Lol, so what?? Idc bout u or ur friend.. @ladygi.. U said u was joke, then what did I do?? Lol.. Am I so serious here?? Lol.. Use ur brain (think + here, if u pro).. o:)
  14. Before ask other to watch mouth, do that to urself then.. *z* Why?? Its just words "get lost", why so mad?? Lol Am calm down, lol.. U behave.. Why u so funny here?? All just words, lol.. Even idc bout u / ur words, ladygi..
  15. I know, ur head just full with that things.. Cz ur brain like that?? Wow, what a pity.. :! Lol
  16. Dont have invitation too?? Get lost, noob.. Lol :D
  17. Bla Bla Bla. . . . Done?? I told u to get lost right?? Lol.. Idc bout anyfvcking u say / u did.. Cz for me, u'r nothing than shits in this world.. Haha..
  18. Btw, timeus... Am not trying to steal their farm.. Read my explanation clearly.. I just chat, heal my member who attack adds, and stand watch that place.. And suddenly he said that I disturb... And a bd lv 17 (if am right) named deathbat (hope I spell it right) said to balder.. He said my member who attack adds are the disturber, not me.. Got it, buddy?? Even me or hero not try to make balder leave / kick him whatever fvcking u guys think.. Balder intimidated me so we try to make him understand how to respect other even just in game..
  19. Just shut ur mouth if u not understand the point... And u just shit her (anony clan).. So get lost..
  20. I just hope my boss read this & tell that arogant to be more nice to clan mate.. If he still that way, he'll ruin anony's good name...
  21. When my pt arrive, their pt there & bos not up.. As a druid, when my member attack boss & need heal, I heal.. Their pt try to agro & we didnt say anything.. And my pt got that drop.. Later my pt member spread (1 sleep, 1 sleep when we attack, 1 lowbat & off, 1 stay, & I stay & chat with xherobrine).. When I chat, that who stay attack adds & I saw his hp so low & I heal him.. When I chat again with xhero (reply him),, balder said that I disturb him.. Hope my phone can make screen shot so it'll be proof... And he (balder) intimidate me with say: am anony clan & u have problems (with disturb , I think)... That's all... U so arrogant, buddy... Even to girl & as clan mate
  22. Sad to hear that.. :( Hahahaha.. Kid.. U can win cz GM think that u noob & poor so GM makes u win.. If u cant beat elfs,, u'll lose ur proud & u'll crying.. Hahahaha...
  23. Even Indonesia dont have that service.. :(
  24. Proof it if he nice.. --" He killed me again.. --" And I remember @ norland, he wanna kill me so much @ place greedy (coin), he revived with coin & try hard to kill me.. Zzz, wasting coin...
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