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  1. queen_darkness


    F**k u clan & guild anonymous... :) I always proud to be in same place with u, legionn.. But u dissapoint me.. When I wanna leave, u forbid me.. When I always stay beside u, u kick me out.. :) Thx for the f**king time & kick.. :)
  2. Lol that link is useless cz we cant join group from that link... :P
  3. Macomaco?? Omg,, macomaco & hohola = scammer... Always pm ask for my chars .... --" If clan member know there's scammer in our clan,, pls dont add them to be member, boss.. :( Btw, boss... Can my ranger join?? Xkatex - 16 ranger, soon 17.. Tq, wise man.. ^^
  4. Idk bout u at all... But we'll pray for u.. R.I.P..
  5. Congratz both.. Especially for weezyart (cz I know him).... ^^ Wise man ever: legionn.. ^^ Thx for everything, boss..
  6. See with ur ****ing eyes ;)
  7. Funny ppl here (or no brain)... After jumped on this post,, ask battles (wasting my time for that),, now u who jumped in still stay here?? I not reply bout 2 days (maybe) and u guys didnt realize that I not expecting u here, lol.. And now u said that xher = unite = same person?? Use ur brain.. ;) I was not reply whatsapp cz my credit 0 .. (I was make a phone call + farm lab, & when I wanna reply whatsapp, my credit 0) Hollysh*t, haha.. So what now?? Use ur brain (if u have).. Zzz
  8. Btw, my bf even me not a gambler.. Like u... ;) Lol..
  9. Lol.. I said poley noob cz attack me when I help questor, thats why noob (not in right time)... Haha.. And so what, ladygigi (gigi means teeth) lol.. U wanna be respectful?? Try to other ppl first.. Zzz
  10. im ready to pvp both of them :)
  11. So what if u can kill lv 20 when u lv 14?? Lol.. Idc with that anyway.. :P Lol, u love to be noob?? Use ur brain before type.. ;) Zz..
  12. Ya, I hate jumper.. Lol..
  13. @keiz.. Lol, so what?? Idc bout u or ur friend.. @ladygi.. U said u was joke, then what did I do?? Lol.. Am I so serious here?? Lol.. Use ur brain (think + here, if u pro).. o:)
  14. Before ask other to watch mouth, do that to urself then.. *z* Why?? Its just words "get lost", why so mad?? Lol Am calm down, lol.. U behave.. Why u so funny here?? All just words, lol.. Even idc bout u / ur words, ladygi..
  15. I know, ur head just full with that things.. Cz ur brain like that?? Wow, what a pity.. :! Lol
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