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  1. It does seem that the only way for a player on Warspear Online to achieve good K/D ratio's are by spending real money.
  2. Yeah, are we thinking of the same thing here? Elegant fingerring? hahhaa!
  3. This topic is about Barbarian class. Not OP class.
  4. Lol. What do you suggest Pvprange? :lol:
  5. So replicate Machote's character 8)
  6. Hi there, To be honest with all of you, I have never PVP/PVE/WAR in any mmorpg so when I ask for people's advice, I genuinely need it lol. So I have been looking around the Warspear forum/PVP section and hardly any mention of Barbarian being a good class for PVP, only those talking about "who's the best player per class" which doesn't help lol. But basically could you guys tell me the best armour/weapons/skills/stats to make a Barbarian class ultimately good for PVP. Thankyou.
  7. Based on what I experience there are not many people who speak English as their first spoken language. Oh and FYI: It's ok for someone like me because I know Spanish and Italian so either server serves me well, but I was kinda talking about those who aren't as fortunate. :nea: Ugh... I know, this game is underdeveloped by soo many levels. Sorry just *spoke* out of context there....
  8. I've given the barbarian class a chance. Maybe they're under developed atm idk...
  9. I'm sorry Pliskin but "FINGERRING" that is hilarious!!
  10. Us - Sapphire? I am on that server ;D
  11. What you say is very true, maybe not every supported language but atleast a few more. I must be the latter because I have people who caps lock me in conversations and speak different a completely different language :/
  12. Hi everyone, It has come to my conclusion that obviously not everyone speaks English which is a given on any mmorpg, but. Surely if you are going to play in a English speaking Server that you should speak in English or at least try to? I don't want to be a bitter old man about it but, I can't understand half of the people who try talking to me in another language and I'm sure i'm not the only person who has thought that maybe there should be more supported languages in this game. Rarely do I talk to someone who speaks English well, and no matter how hard I try sometime
  13. According to to a lot of you who use/have Barbarians, you all hate the idea of how bad the skills are and with charge being our only advantage of attacking first against other classes, but with less than 30% chance of stun why not adopt another form of Barbarian. Instead of always having hp as bonus, why not have more criticals or accuracy like a blade Dancer/Rouge. Barbarians are surely given at default more defence and hp from start than any other class? I'd say instead of using the skills which aren't beneficial atm try adapting to a new kind of stat for the Barbarian.
  14. Thanks for the response so far. Yes I gathered the MC would be something that would give a massive advantage over those who don't spend MC. And lol Astral Damage I think it's 9? :facepalm:
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