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  1. Well ladygi I want to apologize after a minute I start to feel shitty after insulting a girl (I have a little sensitive side) I just feel bad I hope you accept my apology and born this is how Im going to look ;D
  2. Maaaaaaaaaan idk how to reply to that lol your making me weak :diablo: :wacko:
  3. Preach brotha preach! :pleasantry: I smell another b2k cock sucker
  4. Your using my quote but apparently you just got pwned on this one since I just ripped you and your whole country and your only reply was:
  5. Why do you still keep trying to insult me? I tried to stop and even poked a little fun with shadow and born but you kept going. I really didnt want it to have to come to this :bad:
  6. Do you clean your own butt? Because based on your poor English and comprehension seems like your mental age is far below requirements. Oh and ps you must smell which is why an e-boyfriend is required in your short lifespan before all the brazillian bad boys kick your door down, kidnap you, rape you, hold you for a low ransom, and then kill you.
  7. Wew I never knew :bad: I mean nothing wrong with her or anything but still pliskin :shok:
  8. Whoa whoa pliskin say it aint so :shok:
  9. Thats cool because im taking all the weed to
  10. Oh I'm a blast ;D especially if Im stealing all the girls :blush:
  11. Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled program No interruptions from me unless sange replies to my previous statement
  12. Read my post carefully Rank AND Perks have fun with that.
  13. No im saying hes riding you and afro cock for a higher rank or maybe even better perks. Think of it like this you have a clique that consists of 3 people you get into a fight with a random guy. One of the friends decide to help you out. Who would get more respect from you the friend who was just standing around or the friend who decided to help you fight?
  14. Bringing my name up again eh? ;) Poley knows not to get tied up with me :)
  15. Why should I? It's a game forum as I recall devs said (and devs do rule everything) a forum is a place where anyone can express there opinion and im expressing mine. I do not see a problem in this. Oh and btw You must be a b2k co.ck rider because I didn't even know you existed on forums.
  16. No one is talking shit about keizsha or b2k im being completely broad and making open statements and the ones who clearly feel guilty are the only ones acknowledging my statements. I could have been saying that pliskin was a b2k co.ck sucker and you would never have known because I never said a name.
  17. Ignorant as I look? Your as ignorant as you sound so yes its best for you to quit while your ahead. Didn't know that all black people were ignorant. Why don't you open your mind and come out of mommy's basement and experience for yourself and stop stereotyping everyone.
  18. The comment wasn't aimed directly toward you It was a broad comment aimed toward anyone that chooses to continue the immaturity
  19. I read your posts your clearly one sided hoping to lick more di.ck for a higher rank in b2k you claim your neutral but yet talk about only one side to this whole thing which is your favorite side im guessing. Nah I'm not on anyone's side I talk about who does wrong and who doesn't and if you cant accept that then that's when I start getting called an attention seeker so keep trying sange
  20. Yes I do so like I said insult Brdigo and I'll insult you. Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen
  21. I smell B2K co.ck suckers.
  22. Insult BrDigo and I'll insult you plain and simple.
  23. Well high amped players are usually the most competitive ones they want to be the best of the best and when guilds come out people want to be the best guild put two and two together and there you go lol
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