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  1. Kblitz? Someone told me that you were playing his account and that he was probably sucking up to you guys for a slot in your clan. Also since when did shadow get kicked from b2k?
  2. Lol let me take a shot at this one they all in b2k am I correct?
  3. I know what brs are all about I actually had a strong disliking of brs before I even came here because they the reason why I quit my old game (was a fps) with their fly hacking and aimbot so I know about the brs I even picked up some strong insults from themlixo fdp aff etc
  4. So I'll take this as a confession of your wrong doing.
  5. I never called you racist and I'm not calling you hitler. I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt to be smart enough to comprehend what I'm saying but since you showed me your not here's what I'm trying to say. I see you on forums stereotyping brazillians like everyone else (I guess just a follow the leader act huh) You call them dumb, noob, confused, weak, etc etc. But your from Brazil yourself. Hitler hated anyone that didn't have blonde hair or blue eyes but yet he didn't have blue eye nor blonde hair. It is a means of self hatred and self hatred is destruction. Your causing someone emotional distress as a means to fit in as I see it
  6. No one is looking for attention nor am i crying im just pointing out your wrong doing and you couldn't accept it so im giving you a little taste of how you made him feel he may be br but he has emotions just like you. Ladygi Hitler hated anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes...ill let u figure that one out but please dont start with that jellyfish bs that's so lame to me lbs
  7. I want serious replies or a white wolf
  8. No one stalks you i was just checking the karmas you guys were saying as your reason for ripping on him. No it wasn't an insult but now you got a taste of your own medicine and if you think that was a low blow that means your weak and an easy target to get your feelings hurt
  9. "I love you you belong with me your my sweetheart
  10. I believe no one knows your ws history besides your original elf friends and "popsy" "papa" "fro daddy" "fro man" "the froster" etc
  11. Sorry if I said something wrong but that's what dac told me (excuse his ignorance) after all he has been your best friend for several years and you guys met through another game(correct me if im wrong) I said this one day this is how the convo went to the best of my rememberance:Hopzz: Lol why all these elf trying to be mc now like eisha and edge its making me mad lol dac: stfu hopzz edge made ascetic a year ago its actually eisha who moved to mc side because of edge, edge been had his rogue for over a year Hopzz: you stfu noob Thats exactly how the conversation went to the best of my memory.
  12. I didn't think it was me until you said the following: You clearly said this picture would look better then my current picture and that is clearly an insult in my book. But i've matured since I first started using internet forums (this is my first and only) and gave you the time to explain yourself before I went all in with insults on my own. I mean after all wouldnt it be an insult to you if I said that a pregnant monkey would look better then you?
  13. Its only a rhyme depending on your speech and accent and since your BR you more then likely have a latina type accent. Regardless any rhyme is coincidental Persecution syndrome? Here yall go with this attention seeking BS.
  14. Not craving attention I'm just feeding facts. Wow you guys really fail at shi.t talk :facepalm: Either come at me with something better or dont come at me at all.
  15. Rare beauty? Your crossing the line, your skating on thin ice I think you do not want to start this.
  16. First off its a collage not a "painting" I wont assume you just called me ugly but if you want to go there we can certainly go there. Nice picture as you can see Im not even bothering putting smileys in my posts but go ahead of pictures will help you get the crowd's attention who am I to argue.
  17. Actually not picking sides or anything but poley does have a point it is a grind in elf land especially if you keep a tight circle. Also in my opinion I think it was foolish for you to leave your values for something that'll eventually leave you ( you and ascetic)
  18. Im not chilled because I was never angry research how to be a better persuasive speaker and you'll know that an attention getter is required for all persuasive speakers. I dont like e-daters but you dont see me ranting on forums about how much of losers they are.Idek what the second quote was for. Edit: As you can see from that topic I am generally accepting of people who date over the computer but if they abuse it to the point where they cause other's any type of emotional tension thats where you draw the line. And idk if entering a quote from any other player other than myself is gonna help your point get across.
  19. You never know because all opinions are different and just because you think his guide is "crappy" doesnt make it right for you to rip on him as the old saying goes "One man's trash is another man's treasure" Edit: Woops let me edit to because Im not telling you guys what to do Im just ripping on you guys for edating just like you guys are ripping on him for making a "useless guide" more old sayings: "an eye for an eye" "What goes around comes around!" Yes quit while your ahead because I'm barely scratching the surface with these e-dater jokes. Better quit before someone's feelings get hurt.
  20. Actually I called you guys fags to get your attention something sort of like the "Nice guys finish last" type of coming. It's a debate because I dont waste my time arguing with losers who kiss through a webcam. You assume im jealous because I dont have an e-girlfriend? Yea ok!
  21. I wasnt saying the comprehension part to that I was directing it towards me being "bored". And btw you must really be the blind one because actually Eld lost this argument and is the one at fault. Im sticking up for a person that "stands alone" and Im wrong for doing that? He made something to a best of his ability something he thought would be helpful to other players, his insight on the game, the game from how he sees it. You guys are all ripping on him. Who is really the guilty party? Oh its time to take a good look at yourself or for gi and kaworu at the webcams in your basements.
  22. That's not what I said nor is it what im "implying" I guess your English instructor didn't teach you comprehension huh?
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