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  1. BUY LVL 13 SHAMAN SHOES HP SET (light shoes) Player soulpain pm in game or msg here
  2. looking for shaman lvl 13 boots the hp set (Light shoes) Players to pm: tydeee (shaman) soulpain Server EU-Emerald Time: any just notify me here or catch me in game
  3. Yes it looked fake again i say twisted charge 300+ matk no amp fake Yes ik what stfu stands for but a child.would not their for the actuall word was not said for all uk i meant salty tofu found underneath now leave me alone if devs block they block And no im an old.player -…-*
  4. Did i curse lemme think.....NO! And dont make accusations that i do drugs kid and that topic looked fake to me ik of no twisted charge with 300+ matk +0 soo that sticky looks kinda odd to me if u have a problem take it somewhere else i dont care back to topic
  5. Know.betr about what lmao those fakes? Pff my sale is real
  6. +7 Sd blade dull parry ench sell 650k or best offer Also looking for lvl 13 shaman equips pm either tydeee or soulpain (soulpain being my shaman Player name: tydeee Class: rogue Server: EU-Emerald
  7. XD ice cheats but ok then
  8. Sure lol always up for a.challange tank lemme +10 weps first tho ;)
  9. Read it again numb nuts "the greatest victory us one no.one cares about"
  10. Lol no i bookmarked eu-emerald so when i open forum im right in my server True but if people are to lazy to try and sell in trade chat... think about that
  11. To lazy to look for actual section atm cuz at a friends house
  12. Ok so i think im not the only one to think this but you should add the sellers name so we buyers can see whos selling what in dealer so if we wish to pm them about it and work some deals i think names in dealer like on arcane legends would be cool Just an idea keep up the great work guys
  13. Wether i can or cannot kill him doesnt determine wether he is the best barb or not (on a side note i have beaten him altho it was close way to close 22hp left close)
  14. Free mcoin offers in merical shop makes my game crash on mobile... Zte engage v8000 (android)
  15. Whatever this thread will be removed as its clearly an issue
  16. He is not the best and go ahead report that i dislike hassn Cuz u have no idea if i do or dont. devs wont ban me for not liking another player and besides your lies only betray you As for spamming i am not your the one that keeps dragging the convo on
  17. :rofl: no actually hes not theirs 100000+ other players hassn isnt the best so stfu u dog
  18. Your insolence is noted -.- Hassn isnt the best barb so get over it
  19. Hassn is noob hes not best barb he depends on mcoins skill means can win without and knows when and how to use skills
  20. It really doesnt matter because with 1000000+ players itd be hard to find out exactly 100% who the best skilled is of each class
  21. tydess


    Zomg i didnt know u was ripeos :rofl: my ranger is tyde lol
  22. Ok so i have sent a tkt into support but no replies figured id notify devs here Anytime i click the earn free coins in merical shop my game crashes please fix this error Other then that great update :)
  23. To unlock u must first follow the yellow brick road to find the wizard :rofl:
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